Wyze Video Doorbell v2 specific notifications

Maybe I’m doing this wrong, but I don’t see in the app or on android settings, where I can differentiate a notification from a motion/sound detect or someone pressing the doorbell.
For me both of these show up the same for me, my old hikvision treated the doorbell press as a “call”. While that is annoying, at least I know someone is actively looking for me. If I can customize the doorbell press notification with a different sound/vibrate/android priority, that’ll be great.


The Tag associated with a Doorbell Press looks like a finger. However, you can also setup VoIP notification which will then ring your phone when the doorbell is pressed.

That is located under Account > Notifications > Push Notifications > Voice Over IP

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Ah ha!
Thanks for that, I wouldn’t have known to go there to check the notification settings.
I was only looking in the doorbell’s settings.

So I’m guessing there isn’t a specific notification type made for the “event” of button pressed.
Under the regular notification categories I only see motion or sound.
(on related note, my Wyze Garage also doesn’t have a specific notification for the door opening/close, but in the same time it knows if my door is opened or closed)

I’ll roll with the VOIP notification for now.

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Not at this time. There are a lot of posts about different notification sounds, etc. I use Alexa and when the doorbell is pressed, it announces it for me.

Alright, gave that voip settings a try yesterday, no go.
My phone didn’t ring at all, I even had the app opened when I press the button, nothing.

I have a Google Nest Hub as well, and that also doesn’t seem to be playing well with this doorbell. Nevermind the announcing the doorbell pressing, it was having trouble even just playing the video live stream, the other Wyze cams seems ok though.

When you press the doorbell, your phone should popup a message which you will need to turn on Wyze. Then it will work.

Nope, nothing pops up when I press the button. Any other setting I should be checking for?

And also, I tested the Google Display trying to just show me the video stream. I relinked Wyze in there to get the updated list of devices, I see the doorbell on there, but it’ll keep spinning trying to load the stream and doesn’t work.

I’m having the same issue. Linking the doorbell to Google Home was as easy as has been linking any other device, and I can get the live feed on a Google Home Hub and a Google TV just by using my voice, so that much works as expected. So far, the information about receiving notifications on smart speakers in the FAQ (i.e., “Use your smart speakers as doorbell chimes…”) isn’t working for me, and I haven’t yet seen a setting in the Wyze or Google Home apps to enable that.

I couldn’t get it to even show a feed from the doorbell, it tried to load it, but doesn’t go. Other cameras are ok. Interesting thing is it seems to be streaming the feed differently, like it’s using a different player or something.
Tries to load:

Fails and stops at this screen:

I have no idea what to make of that. So far I’ve had only one other Wyze camera to play with (Cam Pan v3), and my experience streaming it and the doorbell to a Google Home Hub seems the same in both cases.

I sincerely hope you can get your live feed to work on your display. I would definitely share your frustration if that feature wasn’t working for me.

Although I do have another wyze camera pointed in the similar direction (different angle), so I could just pull up that camera’s view, but that’s besides the point of this not working as it should lol.
I do have a older pan cam, I don’t think I’ve tried it on the google display, maybe I’ll see if that streams properly too.

I definitely relate. I have another camera (completely different type and brand) providing coverage of that area that I’m also able to stream on Google Home devices (a Home Hub and a Google TV), but I’ve wanted to add a video doorbell for quite a while and finally bit when Wyze released one that can use an existing mechanical chime. Now what I need to figure out is how best to set the IR features of the older non-Wyze camera and the new Wyze doorbell, because at night it looks like they’re shining lights at each other. :crazy_face: