Doorbell should ring on my phone

The doorbell should ring on my phone when someone pushes the button. Otherwise, I do not know when someone is ringing the doorbell if I’m away from the house. This is how the Ring doorbell works. I was able to answer the door with my phone when someone rang the doorbell. I cannot do this with the Wyze doorbell. Very disappointed. May have to go back to the Ring doorbell.

Mod Edit: This has been launched with VOIP in v2.28

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I get a push notification when my doorbell is rung on Android. It says someone is calling you at the door. I click on it and it opens up the app so you can accept or reject the call. There is a delay though. Ring works similarly for me as well.

So your issue might be a bug not a wishlist request. If so, then I would submit a log and I can move this to the ask the community section.


I press my doorbells button and I get this on my phone as a notification.

Tap it and then a live view pops up and I have the option to answer or ignore.


The problem (at least, for me anyway) is that it gets lumped in with all of the other notifications. When someone presses the doorbell button, I really need the app to treat it more like a phone call and display the notification immediately on the entire display, just like a regular phone call. It needs to be able to bypass any notification silences that I may have set for other notifications. If I put the phone in silent mode, I want this function (pressing of the doorbell button, not motion detects) to bypass that and bring it to my immediate attention.

Really, I need it to go to your second screenshot immediately. Don’t do the first screenshot you have. Bring up the video and give me the option to answer. Don’t do the notification at the top for button presses.


Thanks for the clarification on the wishlist item! I agree that your suggestion would be preferable and more noticable. We’ll have to see what’s included if future firmware updates.


Exactly! Just what I have been requesting as well.


I agree too! Not sure if it will happen though. It seems feasible with a FW update but with all these new devices being released, I don’t know how much time will be spent on improving current devices.

However, when I use ring, I just get a notification that someone is ringing the doorbell and then I have to click on it to see the live video. Does your ring app automatically open up to live video to accept or reject when your doorbell is ringing?

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There are many Ring users, like me, who would like to switch to the Wyze doorbell but will not when they find out about this missing feature. And worse, there will be many unhappy Wyze customers, like me, who will return the Wyze doorbell and reinstall their Ring doorbell. Bottom line, it’s short sighted to not spend the necessary resources to fix this problem before it hurts the entire brand.


I love that they are producing additional devices, but how rapid they are developing new products has generated some simular concern. I love the products, but I do hope they will slow down and improve the ones they have before releasing even more new products.


Please make this happen. It would be better to have this type of phone ring especially if you have your phone in your pocket/purse. Having a special ringtone, we can identify that this notification is from our doorbell. Maybe add vibrate too please. Thank you!! Go Wyze!! Oh sd card in doorbell too pls!!


Doorbell need not ‘ring’ on our phones. What it needs is ability to configure notification sound and setting independent from app. Right now the notification is almost all or nothing at app level and it’s a becoming a problem as you add more Wyze devices. For example, if I want to see silent notifications for cam motions but want audio alert for door and sensors, there’s no way to do that. And there’s no way to distinguish alert from one device to the next. Wyze app (I’m on Android) seriously need a major improvement in many aspects because it is holding back otherwise very capable devices. We’re not asking for Wyze to do it all but come on. Some of these requested features are basic functions respective to the device. Wyze is doing a lot with their AI and software so lot of the feature requests aren’t limited to hardware. I chose Wyze because it is the only company that I know of that has a full catalog of devices. I really hope they come through with software/integration improvement.


This. Very much experiencing the same issue right now. Don’t want cam notifications when home/silenced, but do want doorbell and/or sprinkler notifications at that point in time.

This seems very simple to do in terms of fixing the app to have different notifications levels or opt in/out, etc.


It may be easier on Android than iOS but I haven’t used iOS in ages so I don’t know. Currently beside on/off in app, Android already has these separate controls for app notification.
Notification Manager

Each can be set to use different tone or sound/silent. Seems like Wyze just needs allow Android to control device level alerts. My Playstation App has all sorts of notification control under Apps so Wyze should be able to do it for each device.

Starting to get tired of waiting on something as basic as this. Doorbell alert with CamPlus is still showing sideways when nonCamPlus is portrait. I get that they have to first prioritize adding support for new products but you would think they have separate developer teams.

I’ll have to disagree with auto opening to full view. That should be a choice and not a default behavior. What we really need is device level alert customization so some can be silenced while others can be sound and popup. This is controlled at App/OS level and not by device so it’s the app that needs to be updated and not the firmware. Firmware is for fixing and adding features at hardware level. The notification is, though inconsistent, working fine. We really need to have device level control for notifications and not just on/off.

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This seems like something it should have been put out in the first part of the door bell app. with the doorbell I mean this is what everybody wants if somebody is coming that close to your house you want to know about it.


I also feel that when someone presses the doorbell it should come up like a phone call and it should come up immediately even if it’s audio only to start then video when everything catches up

At the moment with all the other notifications (including other Wyze notifications) the doorbell needs to be prioritised in someway


Absolutely! I wish I knew if this is being worked on at WYZE?


I have to agree here. I’ve almost gone back to my arlo several times because I assumed this was how all video doorbells worked. Anyone who has anything more than the doorbell in their wyze app will very quickly start ignoring most notifications and the doorbell notification just isn’t noticeable enough. Someone ringing your doorbell requires immediate response not “oh I’ll look at all my wyze notifications in an hour and then ‘crap, I missed a package because of a lack of planning on the part of my doorbell manufacturer’”


I’m thinking of removing the Wyze doorbell and replacing it with my old Ring Doorbell if there’s no plan provided by Wyze to fix this problem very soon!


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