Doorbell should ring on my phone

I think everyone up above has told you exactly what to do. Add my voice to the cacophony requesting the function. I just took your survey, and said the exact same thing. Don’t need a survey, just read the forum. Either you want to compete or you don’t. Cheers.


You must not have many other Wyze devices…

To add to what everyone else has said, could the Doorbell call my via Google Duo?

And SAY that it’s calling me to the person standing there, so they know to wait? Or just have it start ringing?

This way I could answer on all my Duo capable devices, not just my phone.

I missed a Door Dash delivery today. :confused:

Could have scored some free food, it wasn’t mine lol

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I’m surprised more people aren’t requesting this. This is a must!!!


This is a must feature! I’m thinking about replacing my Wyze doorbell with Ring. It makes it useless when I’m not notified properly when someone is calling at the door!


We need an estimated date for solving this problem. Without that I will replace with RING Doorbell as well.


Have you taken the survey to share your opinion? If not, do it.

Hi all, the ring feature (aka WiFi-calling) WILL be available in early June! If you are in the alpha/beta tester group, mid-May.


Ringing on the phone is a must. About to return and quit buying wyze products after buying nearly all there products. Seems like starting to use the name on crap products


Yeah not having it ring the phone seems like a rookie mistake.


I would love to see this as a Wyze function but I have a workaround. I use the ProfReminder app for my Android phone. I was able to create a profile for the Wyze app that matches the message. It has special notifications when the trigger is matched.


Thanks for the post! I’ll have to check into that. I have a amazon routine along with my Wyze notifications that blows up my phone with stuff when someone pressed the button.

Having the option to be notified ONLY when the button is pushed is absolutely necessary, IMO. I get way too many notifications when family members go in and out the door, a thousand times a day.
For this reason I completely disabled notifications, so basically this is only just another security camera, but more expensive.
I am really hoping that this will get fixed, because it is a problem and an oversight. Please fix it. Thank you.


Here! Here! Exactly the problem. You have captured it perfectly.

I’d like to see the option for your phone to actually ring when someone rings your Wyze doorbell. Often times I miss when someone rings my doorbell because the notification on my phone comes in just like any other notification and therefore is often subconsciously ignored. I’d also like the ability to customize my Wyze notification rings so I can know the difference from an (unimportant) Facebook notification to an (often important) Wyze notification


It should have been at the beginning. It should have been priority of somebody standing at your door wanting to know whether you’re home or not whether his friend or Foe you need be able to answer it quickly. I have a doorbell but I haven’t put it in because of all the problems that I have seen on the chat pages and don’t want to mess with it if it’s not working right

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There are certain features that I think should have been on the doorbell like ringing on your phone for the priority person that your front door and all the other camera problems and artificial intelligence problems that the programmers that you have hired are not showing the customers that they know what they’re doing because it just seems like there’s too many shotguns fixes or approaches to the problems or I don’t know maybe . Maybe there’s too many variables I don’t know about but it just seems like there’s too many releases of firmware or software and things were running. But read the Facebook pages and the other forums and I’m not having those same problems thank you Jesus but, but I’m no smart person and most the time mine is working but not like most of the other problems that people have

@WyzeShanee is early June still expected for this feature?


Is this feature still coming soon? Any information on how it will work? Thanks!

Yes it should . I wish they add this feature

Absolutely agree with this suggestion. The notification on the phone screen is not enough, we do not always pay attention to it. Also the notification tone is the same with other notifications.