Doorbell should ring on my phone

I’m a beta user and May came and went and this feature is still not available, I need to individually control the doorbell notification on my phone. Please fix this as soon as possible.


Any updates on this? May came and went and no doorbell ring on my phone and I’m a beta user.

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Hi there, I have Wyze cam v3 and doorbell all working great, when I am driving my phone is plugged into my vehicle head unit for Android auto maps etc

While I was away last week someone rang the doorbell while I was driving and using Google maps for navigation but there was no way I could get to the notification and speak to whoever was at the door

We need doorbell notifications to ‘ring’ the phone so they come up instantly and if you are in a similar position you could at least talik (audio only) to whoever is at the door and advised them to leave items either with a neighbour or in a secure location

I suspect Apple users would have the same issue


@WyzeShanee, don’t leave us hanging!

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I asked our cloud engineer about VoIP status. It’s expected to be in 2.22 (official app release in early July). Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Thanks, @WyzeShanee! Keep us updated :grin:

I’m with u on this one. This is the MAIN reason we buy a smart doorbell… … If this is not addressed I may have to dump the wyze system and cam plus subscriptions on my 7 cameras and go back to my previous doorbell and lock combo that did have this feature.

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Wyze team, I am migrating from zmodo and so far I am not too very impress with wyze all features and behaviors. Like the doorbell not ringing. Very curious for your next version and to get convinced. I have a 8 camera system with nvr. For me the video quality and reliability was to kick started to lean on WYZE.


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Better notification controls on Android would be very appreciated! I was looking to see if I can set my notifications to just let my doorbell, and none of my house cameras, override ‘do not disturb’ and ‘silent’ on my phone since I miss a lot of rings. Android offers this level of controll and I’ve seen it in a good amount of apps. I look forward to Wyze eventually making this jump! It would be very welcome if I could pick what devices send me notifications that make a noise and what ones stay silent.

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@WyzeShanee it doesn’t seem to be in the latest release, at least on iOS. Any update on this? I’m looking to switch to ring too because of this…

It’s scheduled for 2.23, which would be early August!


Thanks for following up!

I also have zmodo and loved it… The features I. Wyze was not thought out and they are adding features as the day go by… But common features should be first.

Really looking forward to this feature! Right now, I miss so many people at my home because a Press of the Doorbell are clubbed with all other Motion notifications. Clearly, it should stand out.

@WyzeShanee - still set for early August? I’m checking in every day hoping for the update! :grin:

Today, my app shows V2.23.21. Is this the one you said before as version 2.23 that will be released in early August 2021? I tested the door bell, my phone still did not ring. Do I have to set something to make it work? Thank you.

It’s not available yet. The app is updated, yes, but they need to release the firmware update for the doorbell first. Hopefully available soon!

Thank you.

Impatiently waiting for the feature. This should of been first on the list of things. When creating a door bell

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I like the current notification but I wish it included a thumbnail image of the doorbell at the moment it was pressed, like it does for other camera triggers. App loads to slow from the notification to get live video.