Wyze door bell video call feature

I want to Wyze group to consider add video call feature on the Doorbell. For example, people press the bell button, we don’t receive a notification, we should receive a video call with screenshot of the people who press the button, like google Duo, then we decide to answer or not.

Thank you

Great idea. The Duo model is perfect for a doorbell.

Great idea, voted!

I would actually support that as the default notification for a doorbell press as the notification would be far more apparent as well.

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Doorbell Should Start a Video Call on my Phone

The wyze app has a notification problem, as evidenced by the plethora of notification related wishlist items. I am requesting specifically for a unique notification experience for the doorbell.

Right now I get almost identical notifications for when a door opens or closes (Wyze Home Monitoring), motion is detect on a camera, or someone rings my doorbell. So it is not uncommon for doorbell presses to get buried within my Wyze notification list.

The doorbell should have the option to start a video call on my phone with a full ringtone and everything, just as if I was getting a zoom or skype call. This is how Ring and Google doorbells work and is different than the solution granted by the VoIP feature. (Doorbell should ring on my phone)

I really like the concept of Wyze, but I am no longer willing to add addition types of Wyze products to my home until the notification issues are fixed.

Thank you.

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @fourthof7sons! :raising_hand_man:

You already referenced the Granted Wishlist topic for the VOIP call to the phone, which the Doorbells currently do, so I edited my post since this specific topic is asking additionally for the Video Call to show a Thumbnail Image of the Doorbell Video on the incoming call. Sorry for the confusion.

However, with regard to your second feature request:

The request to have individual unique notification tones for each separate Wyze device, like the doorbell(s), is actually a separate Wishlist request: Individual Camera, Sense, Doorbell, AI detection type, etc. Alert Notification Sound and/or Color that is currently in a ‘Maybe Later’ status.

But, since you are an Android user, you can get that functionality today by using a third party app such as MacroDroid, Tasker, BuzzKill, or FilterBox. I use MacroDroid. I have a unique notification sound for every different Wyze device I have installed as well as a different second tone for Person, Pet, Vehicle, and Package. Customization is incredibly detailed and only limited by the number of tones you download. I posted the How To here: Share MacroDroid Macros for Wyze IoT - #38 by SlabSlayer.