2.29+, Wyze Sense Hub, and Wyze Cam Outdoor Updates - 4/8/22

Hi, Forum Friends!

Wyze app for Android and 2.29.2 for iOS are releasing with bug fixes. Wyze Sense Hub version has security improvements and so does the re-opened Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station

Read our Release Notes:


This was so easy I wanted to do it twice. All’s well so far. Android 7/Bluestacks 4. :+1:

Wyze app for Android


I have v2’s, original bulbs and plugs only.


Updated to the newest iOS app (2.29.2) and now I can’t access the Firmware update screen. Every time I try, the app just freezes.

I’ve tried force closing the app & restarting it, no change in behavior. I hard rebooted my iPhone 12 Pro (running iOS 15.4.1) and cleared the cache in the app with no change.

I really do hate to say it, but as of late it seems like everything Wyze has put out is buggy as hell (Gen 2 plug, Sense, now this). It almost makes me not to want to update things (I’m already holding off on the Sense update to let someone else fall on that sword first).


How can an update for WCO Base firmware version be issued when the re-opened firmware is not even available? :raccoon: :raccoon: :raccoon: :raccoon:

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Confirmed… 2.29.2 (a3) app for iOS hangs when attempting to access Wyze app Home > Account > Firmware Update. Hangs as in forever… can’t even back out to send log. Have to force close app.

No problems encountered so far with 2.29.2 (127) app for Android.


April is Opposites Month!

I just turned off my auto updates for the iOS app store, The Wyze app was available but I think I’ll wait a few days :sleeping:

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Started on March for me.

Having same issue with iOS. Screen hangs.

I also don’t see the the availability for the base station firmware. Can anyone verify if any Clickable links are displaying for the base station firmware?

I don’t have that issue but I only have cams.

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Breaking new…. New update has been uploaded. Update if you want a brick your app/camera. I bought the outside I have 3 cameras. Bought a new one on Monday and return it cause of this nonsense. All they are worried about is who is joining their team and what new product they can sell us. They can’t get these firmware right , just brick stuff and say email us reach out to our team

Here we go again with the HMS hub firmware. Same problems with this update too. Crackling static sound from speaker and flashing lights over and over.Geez why can’t they figure this out?

Hub firmware update is security-related only:

Wyze Sense Hub Firmware (April 8, 2022)

  • Security improvements

Note: This firmware does not address the sensor connectivity issue some are experiencing and we’re continuing to work on resolving that issue. Thank you for your patience.

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Welcome to the world of updates :rofl:

But how is one who currently didn’t upgrade to the last buggy firmware which got pulled isn’t introducing those bugs that I’m experiencing into their hubs through this “security fix” update?

Fixed a bulk update bug that would cause firmware updates to be available without following update order logic

I think this caused a different bug. Now when I go to the Account Tab - Firmware update the entire thing is blank, saying “There are no devices linked to this account.” Whereas it used to show all the devices I have, but show which ones could be updated (up top) and which ones are update (on bottom) along with what the current firmware is for each device. Now it is empty with this latest update.
(I have forced dark mode on, so that is why my screenshot looks black instead of white)

Can anyone confirm the same thing, or is it just me?

SeaPup - Since you are a Forum Moderator, do you know if Wyze is looking into the issue of the Firmware Update hanging forever with iOS 15.4.1? Thanks.

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Can you elaborate on what you mean by this? Where are you experiencing this hanging:

  1. In the account tab - Firmware update section? Is it when you tell it to update something, or just when you go to that screen?
  2. Is it when you go to the device from the home tab, click settings, then device info and try to update from there?

What do you mean it is hanging? What shows on the screen? Is anything spinning, acting like it is trying to process something, or does it sit frozen and not have any movement on the screen?

Can you add some details so we can see if someone can replicate your issue and try to understand it a little better?