Wyze App v2.0 Launched!

The Wyze app has a new look and added features! If you have not yet updated your app, please update to version 2.0.18 for Apple devices and version 2.0.23 for Android devices.

We’re excited to show you what we’ve been working on!

App version: iOS V2.0.18 and Android V2.0.23
V2.0 includes:

  • Brand new user experience for Home page (renamed from Devices page)
  • Brand new user experience for Events page (renamed from Notifications page)
  • New Discover section featuring community video content
  • New Shop section for in-app Wyze product purchase
  • Allow turning on/off notifications per camera
  • Added ‘Device Sharing’ in Account page
  • Added ‘Order History’ in Account page
  • Updated ‘Help & Feedback’ user experience
  • Bug fixes


Who wants to go first?

I did. :slight_smile:

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Not seeing this yet for Android … Google Play still showing latest version as 1.5.82 from October.

You beat me on this! Awesome! :slight_smile:

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Right now we are at 50% rollout stage. You may be in the other 50% group. We will do gradual rollout in next 1-2 days. Thanks!


The new app cuts off part of the shortcut text. Can’t tell if it’s notifications on or notification off. Same with alerts on or off. I do like that they are at the top off the page and and easier to access.

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Can you share screenshot and your device/phone model?


iPhone 6s Plus.

The latest version can handle 12 characters while the last version was 19 characters. Sorry that we don’t have an automated way to fix this, we are still figuring out the experience for shortcuts as a feature. For now, you can update the icon along with the text. Seems like you have a lot of shortcuts and would love to hear your suggestions on how to make this better, the setup requires a lot of steps right now.


I have 5 cameras at my mother’s home that I can turn off and on the motion alerts and another 8 at my home. I have it setup where I can turn either on or off independently from the other. I do like the one button notifications bell on / off on the home page. Allows me to remove 2 short cuts.

I went for it. That added more eye candy. I will need to spend some time on the Short Cut feature on the top section. Big thumb up to Wyze and wish you all a great holiday and Happy New Year!!

LG V20.

Will be out for two weeks during holiday. Hope all eight of my Wyze will guard the property for me and capture the unexpected. This is also the time I wish the V2 could listen for “glass break” as it does for Smoke/CO alarms and blare my phone as it’s triggered .

Android App 2.0.23 no longer identifies the status of each individual camera on the Home screen as “Offline” or “On” as the prior version 2.0.17 did. This may have been intentional in 2.0.23 but, although not necessarily a requirement, the status identification for each camera was useful.


Why was the power on the home screen per camera removed. It was a nice feature in the beta, also had offline status. Android, latest version.


We are working on some updates right now, stay tune for future releases. There’s also a split opinion around the on/off as some users don’t really use it (as cameras should be always on), and some are using shortcuts instead. For other members, they find this very useful and that’s why we are evaluating this one. Thanks for the feedback, keep them coming!


Thanks. I look forward getting this on Android. Currently on a Note 8 and can’t get the 2.x version from Google Play yet.

For me the power on the right, or status is great! Fills the dead space, and we have a camera we only turn on on demand to keep an eye on our furry buddy, to monitor his progress with a litter box in the bathroom. (it is positioned so the pot is not in view, but we still power it down)

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Can we have a bit more personalization? I definitely don’t need a store or “discover” option on my main menu. It would be fantastic if I could hide those features.

Any idea when multiple camera live view might be available? I have two kids and use these as baby monitors. Would be great if I could check them both at the same time.


I like the new design but have a few issues.

The notification icons are too small

The sliders don’t look right.

Not sure what the X is on the top middle of the home screen or the little bell in the right corner.

The home screen does not show the cameras as off, last screenshot displays even when the cameras are off.

My phone is a Moto e 4 running Android 7.1.1

_20181221_201936 _20181221_201852

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