Wyze 47 watch..Shortcut Star Button..what does it Do?

I have the wyze watch 47 and it has a star on the bottom center that goes to “Shortcuts”. How do I find out what this shortcuts does and how do I get it to work? Haven’t got the slightest idea and I can’t find any instructions.

It’s the shortcuts for the Wyze app (the ones that show at the top of the Wyze app).

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Yes, you can assign up to 10 of your normal Wyze app shortcuts for the watch to have access to. However, this is one of the functions that require you to run your Wyze app full-time in the background so the shortcuts you selected are available at the watch.

Instructions are in the Support section, as is most Wyze documentation:

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Want you to show me how to set up a “Do Laundry” shortcut! :smile:

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Lol! I WISH! That just turns the light on in the laundry room. :joy: :joy:


I have trying for days to get the shortcut button to work and have not yet had any success. Never been accused of being a technology oriented person.

From the home screen, click the + sign in the upper left corner.

Then, a window will pop up at the bottom. Select Add Rule

When the next screen pops up, select Shortcut

Then name it, and use the arrow button for the action(s) you want to do.

Shortcuts are too limited as of right now. Can’t make a short cut to change thermostat to your favorite temp. Can’t make a short cut to run your sprinklers. I buy all the Wyze devices for the compatibility but these little tweaks would be much appreciated.