Wyze Garage Controller, can’t close with Alexa because it thinks it’s already closed

I just set up a voice pin in Alexa and it lets me open the garage door using the Wyze Garage Controller. Awesome! But then…not so awesome. Alexa can’t close the garage door once I’ve opened it. Instead it says the garage door is closed. It is very clearly open. The wyze app Home Screen is not updated with the open status, says closed. If I click on the garage camera device then click the open/close toggle button, the door closes.

Wyze, it looks like you need to sync/push the garage door state when opened via Alexa. In addition, maybe force Alexa to issue a close command even if it thinks the door is closed.

Anyone else running into this issue?

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I’m noticing that this issue is not localized to Alexa. If I open the garage door with the Wyze app, the home page shows the garage door as closed even when opened.

I get the correct notifications/events for open/closed from app, manual and voice assistant initiated actions.

The only way you could get the GDC believing the door is closed when it isn’t (without a bug) is to put the QR code on a wall in sight of the camera, and not the door. You guys didn’t do this, did you?

Also, the home page will not show the current state of the garage door unless the home page was just entered, or you do a pull-down to refresh. Does your home page show an incorrect status after a refresh?

If the problems persist after the above, then we need to get the GDC PM in on this.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Same or similar problem here. Alexa opens the garage door just fine. Telling Alexa to close the door does not work. She responds with the expected closing/closed announcement, but the door does not move. However, if I tell her to OPEN the door while it is open, the door closes and she tells me it has opened.

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I have same prob, Alexa will open the door wonderfully, however when I tell Alexa to close the door, nothing happens. I see Alexa is listening to me, but nothing happens. I’ve tried this within the Alexa app on my iphone as well as Alexa show.

Just got my v3/opener deal during prime day. Just set it up and I’m having the same problem. Wish the camera could be accessed in Alexa app too but at very least I hope it gets fixed where it works correctly :pensive:

I have a unique issue…Alexa will open and close but only if I tell it to close. So if I want to open i tell it to close. And when I want to close, I tell it to close. Kludgy at best.The Alexa integration is not ready for prime time.

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I toadily agree that it’s not ready for prime time, even though the page for the garage door opener advertises that it works w Alexa. I’ve given up on Alexa & brought out a google mini that I had in storage & use that for opening & closing the door. Unfortunately, I can’t connect 1 to my iphone, or I’d set a mini up in my car too. As is, I have to open my phone, open Wyze app, & dig down to my garage door group, open the garage door camera, & have then use the controller.
BTW, have you tried recalibrating your camera?

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Same here. Alexa will open, but will not close despite what it says. Switched over to Google Home, had similar problems and worse.

I had the same issue and it took me awhile to determine the issue. My door was closed but it said it was open. Bring up the camera, and if you do not have in the image a red square surrounding your QR code, it is not properly calibrated. If it is not calibrated open and close your door 5 times, and by default it will then ask you if you want to calibrate it. Say yes and go through the process. I had to do this multiple times each time moving the camera and where the QR code was on the door, before it finally put the red square around the QR code in the camera image. If it sees the QR code it knows your door is closed. No where in the installation instructions do they mention anything about if it sees the QR code, it will put a red box around it. Once you have the red box you are all set.

Not sure this is actually required. My GDC has never failed to see whether the garage door is open or closed, but it does not show a red box:

Ok so I have been looking for an automated opener for my ancient Stanley door opener and friend just out the Wyze one in and recommended it to me. I was super sceptical it would work but he presto it does.

After significant testing I was getting frustrated with the same issue as described above. The garage door would open and close via the wall button and via the Wyze app, but only opened via Google home and would not close. It kept saying the garage door was closed.

I tried the calibrate option, moving the camera, even adding more IR light. Nothing worked.

Thenil it dawned on me.

I have a nest sensor on the garage door called garage door, so I renamed that to garage window thinking that would remove the conflict but still no luck. Same not closing issue via Google home. Finally I renamed the wyze garage door to something more unique like “garage Roller Door” and let it sync to Google home.

Hey presto it now works. After each open I hear a little chime and Google says that it has opened the “garage Roller Door” for me. Asking it the status of the “garage Roller Door” now also works as does asking it to close the “garage Roller Door.”

I hope this helps someone else.

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Same issue with Google, when I all about the status of the garage door it will always response with “open”
It will only respond to close the garage door… and will close and open when I say “close the garage door”. Meaning… if the garage door is open and I say close it will close, if it’s closed and I say close it, it will open :face_with_diagonal_mouth::thinking:

This same issue was happening with our controller. Alexa would close the garage fine. It would respond as expected with I said “Alexa, open the garage”, but it didn’t actually open the garage. It did open the garage if I told it to close the garage and it was already closed.

I tried disabling and re-enabling the skill but it didn’t help.

But I did fix it. In the Wyze app, I changed the trigger duration to 1 second/normal press. Settings-Accessories-Garage Door Controller-Trigger Duration. Seems like the default is 2 seconds.

After I changed the trigger duration, Alexa controlled the door as expected.

Mine has the QR code and it does exactly the same thing as being described. So it’s not the only way. I’ve calibrated it- which that’s what it’s doing is looking for the QR as part of the calibration.