Garage Door Controller - Open garage door via geofence

Please add OPEN GARAGE DOOR when I enter my Geofence. I want that to happen 100% of the time. There is already an option to CLOSE GARAGE DOOR when exiting my Geofence. I bought the Wyze device because I thought that OPEN GARAGE DOOR was a feature. My previous door controller from NEXX had this feature but it’s design was faulty in other areas so I went looking for another solution. What are the security concerns? Has anyone had success creating an OPEN rule with IFTTT?

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I added it as a suggestion on the IFTTT site, but at the moment the “Garage Door Controller CLOSE” command isn’t even available there.

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I read somewhere here that if you have alexa, you can add the wyze skills to it, it will find garage door controller and you can set routines. So I checked and I did 2 routines… One to close when I leave and another to open when I arrive. I put my open settings.

I have tested it this week and it has been working for me. When you set it up, it will ask you set a PIN that you are required to have to open the garage. Closing, it will just close. When I enter my geofence (200meters away) , my routine goes off on my phone (this device) and says “open garage, PIN needed” or something like that and I say it and then alexa says “garage opening”. This is best solution for me. I have my alarm to set/disarm and wyze thermostat to turn off/on on alexa routines and other things. Idk if you have wyze checking your location or using their routines (i tried but alexa is more useful and accurate ), wyze location killed my battery (s22 ultra) 100% to 40% in just 4 hours without even touching it. Alexa has like 0 battery usage when I check my battery log and works without any issues.
Here is my alexa transcript this morning

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I’ve added the Wyze skills to Alexa a while back. So I told it to find new devices, but it still doesn’t find the garage door controller.

Sometimes you have to disable the skill and then add it back again. Have you tried that?

When I did this once before, it found the other devices.

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Thanks Spa. Actually, I went to try to add a new device again, and it still wasn’t found. So I scrolled through the devices and the garage door had changed from a camera icon to a garage door. So I enable voice control and it works!

Now if I could just get the scheduled close to work… :woozy_face:


Whats you rule look like?

Location trigger to open garage door

I would really like a location trigger to open my garage door using the Wyze garage door opener.

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