Alexa garage door commands

Not sure if this is wyze issue or alexa issue. I used to use alexa app to do geofencing commands to close the garage door or open the garage door when I left and arrived home. It has worked great. However, sometime in feburary, I noticed when I leave the house with the door closed, the geofence command to close the garage would run (before it wouldn’t because it was closed) and the garage would open without the pin. I did all the troubleshooting possible. Deleted add to wyze and alexa. Didnt fix the issue. Now disabled this option because anyone can yell to close the garage to open it. Another thing is if the garage door is open, I can use the command to open the garage door, say the ping and it would close it and alaex will say opening garage but it was closing it. Anyone encountered this problem? I tried using the wyze geofencing rules, but they never work for the garage so that’s why I used alexa.