Garage door / Alexa

I just got a bunch of Echo devices at home this week. Was able to integrate all Wyze devices with the echo devices. One thing I noticed today was that when I tell Alexa to open/close the garage door, she always responds with “Garage Camera open/close” and then nothing happens with the garage door. It doesn’t actually opens or closes the garage. Is this a known issue? Any plans to get this fixed?

I have an Echo Show 5 2nd Gen… and I can get Alexa to Open and Close the door.

Be sure you have set a PIN Code in the Alexa application, or Open will not work.

Alexa Open the Garage Door
Alexa Close the Garage Door , What is the PIN Code, xxxx… OK… Opening…

Do you HAVE The Icon for the garage door controller on your garage camera screen?

Does it work to open or close the door?


I have the same issues for Alexa and Google. Google’s message is different it says “garage door is already unlocked,” when asked to open. Using current beta app and updated firmware on camera and opener.
Any ideas?