Garage Door Opener

I’m currently trying the Aladdin Connect, and it seems like it would work with just about any garage door with an interior button (the box claims any opener after 1993). It just wires in the same connection as the button for the door, and uses a wireless sensor attached to the door to detect open/closed. Its also able to be integrated with Amazon, Google and IFTTT

While I agree it would be cool if Wyze added a Garage door opener device, I’ve been quite happy with Garadget. They even helped me mod the device to work with an automatic gate. I’ve integrated it with iOS using Homekit, it works with Alexa. And it’s less than $100. Feels like another “Wyze” type of IoT device, which I’m a fan of.

I’m looking at the tailwind opener, I have MyQ and it SUCKS. They neutered the automated part of it a month after I got it. I had it set up to open when I pulled into my driveway and all of a sudden it just stopped working. They also charge $1 for most of the automation options, or at least used to. Want IFTTT pay $1… Google assistant pay $1… it wasn’t the money, it was the fact that you had to pay something that everyone else gives for free. Especially since those functions are the main reason their product sells. I will def wait a bit to see if Wyze starts to make one of these. I can live with MyQ for a while longer.


I’ve yet had a good smart garage door opener. I’d love Wyze to tackle this. My door’s sensor needs to be reset regularly so one that is hard wired to not only the opener but to the sensor too would be great.

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I’d love to see Wyze make one of these too. I don’t have a garage, but looked into getting a smart garage door opener from another company as a potential Christmas gift for my brother. They all seem to be pretty expensive for what they are, and some of them require a separate monthly subscription to use them with Alexa, which seems a bit opportunistic in my opinion.

I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing most of the current options on the market have a lot of markup built-in. It seems like the hardware could essentially be the same thing as an existing garage door fob, plus a WiFi chip. Maybe a sensor to add to the garage door as well, but Wyze already has those. :slight_smile:


It should be as easy as that. No need for a sensor. Most if not all garage door openers already have sensors at the door to prevent the door going down on something.

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Well, you could add a sensor to the door just to tell you whether it’s opened or closed. That way if you tell Alexa “close the garage door” when it’s already closed, for example, the door won’t open.

I have had the sensor on my two garage doors, hinge mounted for 6 months. Just had to change batteries as it said was low, on both of them.

Added a closing/opening Wi-Fi card just two days ago. We got a temporary temp rise making it comfortable enough in CT to do the install. Uses a generic app, $18, eWeLink Board

I have a smart garage door. I’d gladly have Wyze make a option. Especially where we can stop it 4-5” from bottom so cats can roam. Currently not an option.


damn, wish I would have found this 4 port board a week ago…I just bought & installed (2) single boards that use eWeLink…very easy setup & works great…much better than my previous setup using a smart plug & relay board

I feel like it would probably require a whole garage door opener unit to accomplish that, as opposed to just a WiFi-enabled fob, essentially. WiFi-enabled fob would be comparatively inexpensive and more accessible for most people. Most people with garages already have a garage door opener, they just want to control it with their voice/phone.

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My door isn’t WiFi controlled. But it needs WiFi for the door panel to communicate with linear for FW updates etc.

My fiobs are standard type that scramble and use different code each time. And my app works from anywhere in the world so it’s not WiFi either. But for linear to set it up and authorize it needs WiFi access.

My biggest concern is that it was extremely hard to program on my new mesh router. Do I want to go though that again if it wipes clean with no power?

My linear door was absolutely perfect until I had to switch routers. It does not pair well with a mesh router. In fact as far as I know I’m the only one in the United States that has got it working. Because even linear didn’t believe that I had it working so I had to send them a video that I had it working showing them And I also sent them all of the steps that I made to the router and the garage door to make it work

That is so freaking easy! now I just need a way to control the door.

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If you don’t use your guest network, you can limit it to 2.4G and use it for all of your smart home products. That’s why I did and it has made life so much easier setting up my smart products. I have my Ring, Wyze cams, MyQ garage door, 8 smart bulbs, 5 smart plugs and 5 smart switches all on my guest network.


That’s a great idea and I appreciate the advice. The only thing I had an issue with was the garage door and now that it’s paired everything else had worked just fine

Would love to see Wyze engineer a garage door device that would allow the following, and not limited to the following:

Remote open/close
Sensor status
Wyze Cam & Sensor integration
Door Status Alarm

You guys are truly awesome! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the future!


I have most of that with my smart garage door that I have now the only thing that I don’t have Wyze cam and sensor integration.

I can open and close it with a regular remote, the wall plate they put on the garage wall and an app. I get alerts when the garage door goes up or down. I get alerts garage light that is part of the garage door goes on and off. And if we leave the garage door partially up for the cats to go in and out it shows the correct position of the garage door. But I would not recommend buying from this company because their tech department sucks. They made a smart garage door just to get one on the market and they do not know how to give any kind of tech support at all! I have to do all of troubleshooting and everything myself. It works great but if there’s a problem I have to fix it myself with the tech side of it. The family owned company that I bought the garage door from is great about fixing anything mechanical wise if it ever has any issues which it hasn’t

The only thing I wish that it did I had was who the user was

I used to think I was good at decoding Engrish from my colleagues from around the globe. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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