Wyze API Sense + Camera Snapshot

One of the most used apps in my phone is the GarageDoor app (iOS) that I custom made to control my garage door remotely.

To make this app I had to develop two supporting backend services. I’m running these services on a Raspberry Pi at home. I have been running this for the past 6 months with no issues.

  1. A service that tells me if the garage door Wyze Sense contact sensor is open/close. I used my un-official Wyze API.
  2. A service that captures a snapshot from a Wyze Camera running RTSP firmware. The service gets the snapshot from the internal IP RTSP live feed.

Finally I created my own Garage Door opener using an ESP-8266 Microcontroller with a Relay.

So to summarize this is my Wyze Whislist:

  1. A public API where I can query sensor data.
  2. A public API to access a snapshot of a Wyze Camera.
  3. New Hardware: A garage door opener!

Thanks for considering these!

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