Cam V3 and Garage Door Opener

I have 2 existing v3 cameras, Can I purchase jut the door opener run the Door opener Module with them? I have read a little about shielding but can I just have the camera sit further away?

Yes you can use an existing v3 to run the GDC, but the shielding is a pretty big issue and often times it prevents your existing remote from working. Some have wrapped the cable in aluminum foil with some success, but if you can purchasing the GDC v3 will be much better.

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Yes, the main issue is the range of your legacy remotes. Some garage door openers are affected more than others, but when interfered with the old RF remotes can become unreliable at any range.

You could try wrapping the pigtail of a standard V3 in tin foil, but that may or may not help.

Just positioning the camera further away will probably not work, especially if you use more cable to do that.

I’ve seen both with and without a shielded V3, and my remotes were almost completely unusable, even directly under the garage door opener, without shielding. I have shielding now, and can control the door from down the block again. :slight_smile:

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What alternatives to shielding are there. I really don’t want to be wrapping tinfoil and displaying that in the garage. Are there shielded cables that one can purchase? I have a v1 cam in the garage with a 20 foot extension cable and no issues.

The main problem is the V3 anywhere near the GDO, which it has to be to be wired to the back of it. And the pigtail is non-removable, non-replaceable. So you either have to buy a shielded V3, or try something unglamorous.

Why can’t I just extend the door opener cables and move it all away from the opener?

Ok as I look at the setup guide it looks like I am just tapping into the connections from my wired button. Can’t I just connect the wyze door opener to the back of my existing wired door opener button and send the signal through the same wires already behind the wall/ceiling. I could then mount the camera 10 feet away from the door opener and get a view of the whole garage.

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Now that is an interesting idea! Could work, would be interested in hearing your experience! :slight_smile:

You will still need to align the GDC camera in a manner that it can clearly see the QR Code on the garage door. You will also need to illuminate that QR Code 24/7, which means V3 night vision Auto @ Dusk, with IR lights on. The camera shouldn’t be too far back, nor can the QR Code view be blocked from the view of the camera for more than about 15 seconds at a time (so probably still mounted high).

How far away can it be? Anyone test that out?

Midway back in the garage, as though it is front of the GDO (but will be off to the side in your case), is best. Further back lowers both resolution and light. At some point you start having troubles recognizing the QR Code, which in turn makes the whole thing unreliable.

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HMM well my buttons are opposite the door not off to the side so they are about 20 feet away. That does not mean I can not bring the camera a bit forward or run some wires to the connection. This could have been a simpler design with just a door sensor like on all the other doors and windows we have. “Open Closed” I get that alert every time I open my door or close my door.

For economy they went with the QR Code, which is cheap & easy, and works for the vast majority of users.

To add sensors would require the purchase of the sensor and Hub. Since you aren’t interested in the cost of the correct camera, I doubt you’d be interested in that. :wink:

I am not worried about the cost it’s just that I already have 2 here one still in the box.