Already have V3 camera in garage so bought controller only

So do I need to reset the camera and re-set up to install the controller? It isn’t clear from my first read of the instructions since it is aimed at customer that bought camera with controller. Thanks for any info. I’d be moving from a Nexx controller.

I don’t have mine yet, but looking at the app, if you start (live stream) the camera you wish to connect the Garage Door Controller to and go to Settings, then Accessories, you will see the Garage Door Controller there. you wold install from that location

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Cool. Much appreciated. I’ll give that a try - definitely over the weekend if not before and report back.

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You need to add the cable harness & GDC to the V3, after which you will be able to set it up thru the V3’s accessories menu. In fact the V3 will probably offer to take you there as soon as you enter the V3’s settings after connecting the controller.

One warning, though. The GDC was not meant to work with a standard V3. The V3 that is supplied with the GDC has a special RF shielded pigtail. The cable harness is still shielded, but without the camera also being shielded, most opener models will lose some range from their legacy RF remotes.

But you might be able to wrap some tin foil around the pigtail to get some or all of the range back, haven’t tried that. :slight_smile:


Thanks for providing the additional information.


That’s kind of frustrating. Why would they offer the controller only if you can’t use it with a regular V3? Now I suppose I can’t buy that version of the V3 without buying a whole other kit. I guess I’ll just have to see how bad it is in practice.

You can use it with a regular V3, but that will reduce your legacy garage door opener remote’s range.

The tin foil may compensate if it becomes an issue. It depends on what frequency your remotes are at, so it is dependent on your garage-door model.

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