Garage Controller Mount issue

So I just installed the garage controller with v3 Cam two days ago, and by instruction suggested I have the controller placed about 2ft away from the original garage module, but I still have issue with garage module detecting the original remote that’s used in the cars when leaving the house.

  1. I have it installed 2ft vertically above the garage module, not sure if that’s causing the signal interference. Please let me know your controller placement that does not interfere with the original remote controls.

  2. When opening with the Wyze app controller, there’s a 5 sec count down for app to give permission to the garage module to open/close, I don’t see an option in setting to shorten this duration, is there one I missed?

  3. While the app by default set the opener time to 2 seconds (0.5/1/2/4), when the car remote does work, it also takes a long press about 2 seconds to open the garage. Does the app opener time actually change the garage module setting?

  4. Not related to garage controller, but a question on V3 Cams. Does the Cam still record everything to SD card when internet connection’s lost, but power supply remains?

To answer your questions:

  1. Hopefully you are using the bundled camera, which has a special shielded pigtail (round). Without it, legacy remote control interference is possible. As for camera & controller placement – as far away from your garage door opener’s antenna as possible.
  2. The 5-second period where the controller sounds a warning before closing the door using the app is non-selectable. However, opening the door should happen right away. If it doesn’t, I would wonder if your QR code is calibrated (does the GDC properly report door open/door closed?)
  3. I believe the setting you are talking about is “Trigger Duration”, although I don’t see your numbers, so I wonder. Trigger Duration is selectable between 0.5/1/2/3, and is simply how long the controller “holds the button down” on the garage door opener’s wall button. I have mine set to 0.5 seconds. This may interfere with remotes if your garage door opener disregards remotes when the wall button is held down.
  4. Wyze cams should still record everything to the SD card when Internet disappears until power is lost. Afterwards the camera will need Internet to boot back up, and will need to boot back up to record to the SD card. I haven’t tested this in awhile; do you have reason to believe otherwise?