Garage Door controller remote issues with Liftmaster Professional 2265

My installation of the Wyze garage door controller seems to be working OK except that I can’t get the opener to respond to both the existing remotes and the Wyze controller via the app at the same time. I’ve installed the wires into the back of the opener per the Wyze and the opener instructions but when the Wyze app works to open/close the door, the remotes (either handheld remotes or in my vehicle) don’t respond. The wall mounted opener in the garage works fine too. Anyone else had this problem?

And simply unplugging power from the Wyze camera/controller re-enables the remotes to work?

And have you tried resetting one of your remotes to the learning cycle on the GDO again?

Did you use your own V3 with the controller instead of buying the bundle? The V3 with the bundle is a special shielded-pigtail V3 that is designed to reduce interference with the receiver in the opener that talks to the legacy remotes & your car.

If you used a normal V3, you could try wrapping tin foil around the pigtail to see if that gets your legacy remotes back.

Found the problem. Wiring to the garage door controller from the Wyzw controller wasn’t making a good connection. Working now. Thanks for the advice!!