Wyze Garage Door Opener Not working.. please advise

Good evening… So I got my openers today (thanks).
However they dont work for some reason.
They are not one of the ones you list as compatible with the colors… But they do trip via the pliers shorting method, so it should trigger that same thing within the opener.
Its a liftmaster by chamberlain (the myq works with them).

Here is a picture… If I take the two left leads out (white/red) the switch turns off, so thats the one that triggers it… However if I plug my new red/black in, the box clicks, which means wyze is sending the right command, its just not opening.
Any ideas?
thank you team.

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Sorry to hear you are having issues @Dunginhawk

The compatibility checker said the Yellow Learn Button is not compatible:

Here is the link:

Correct, however the plier method of shorting out the connection opened the door, which according to the guide should work.

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it opens with this method…

Please come back here to let us know if you solve your problem. I have the same model GDO.

Not sure if this is the same issue as your having, but you may wanna check this out.

In also have this same GDO. I want to know if anyone finds a resolution other than the visor button/ clicker hack started on another thread.

I have the same exact issue. Yellow learn button but works with the “short” option. Please help as im going out of my mind with this. I also have a liftmaster

The round yellow learn buttons on Chamberlain / Liftmaster / Craftsman are not compatible. Period. You must use a remote or wall button hack. Chamberlain went out of their way to make their newer openers incompatible with 3rd party hardware because they want everyone to use their MyQ app, which if you want to connect to integrations with other platforms you will have to pay a monthly / annual fee. They also patented the signal so that even if Wyze or anyone else reverse engineered the rolling code algorithm, they would just sue them.

Welcome to the world of the Chamberlain Group.


@TechJunkie2 , in behalf of everyone here with Chamberlain/Craftsman or Liftmaster thanks for that explanation. Don’t like it, but nice to understand what’s happened/ing.

That’s why I use a simple hacked Sonoff Basic with a cheap remote hacked to take short the remote. I bought a pair of these for my Old Yellar button remote. These work great at $10 each Amazon.com

I wired one of these between my yellow button craftsman and the Wyze controller. It works great!


This should be in the FAQs, This is essentially a requirement.

I confirm that using Garadget button it works just fine, even created a short article explaining the connection here: Making Wyze Garage Door Controller Work with Yellow Button Garage Openers (i.e. security+ 2.0 standard) | by Max Kuzkin | Aug, 2022 | Medium

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