Wyze Garage Controller - Working with Yellow Button Craftsman/Chamberlain

I figured my old Craftsman would be too old to have new security on it that would make the Wyze Garage Controller not work and ordered blindly. Whoops, yellow button alert!

No fear, I just crudely figured out how one of my spare openers worked and what the short points were for the button. I then haphazardly broke the button off, used a soldering iron I’ve had for years and never touched, and here we are.

It works, if you’re wondering. I didn’t even need this thing as I have an ancient Craftsman AssureLink, basically an old myq that now works in the myq app, but figured why not.

So if you’re curious, where there’s a will, there’s a way haha.


I’ve ordered another wall control on Amazon, so going to replace this opener solution with the wall control so no battery needed.

Here is a quick video, swapped the remote with a wall control so no battery needed. All working now.

Thanks! I bought knowing I would need to use wires since I have yellow button. But the short doesn’t work either. I’ve got a unused remote I’m going to wire up now!

I just read that the latest firmware increased contact time from 0.2 to 2.0 sec. That’s causing some doors to reverse direction. Using the remote should be immune to timing issue.

I don’t mind the battery issue.

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Awesome, good luck let me know if you have success! My first go was a mess, second time much cleaner as you can see

No reversing issues or anything like that on my end. My only issue was needing to move the qr code a bit. I put mine in one of those clear binder pouches so it can be moved easily.

Done. Seems to work well. I’ve added Goop glue to secure wires in remote. I’ll install once it’s set. I got the remote on amazon for $11. Works better than original remote because the battery contact is better design. This is for a LiftMaster model 8355W.

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Looks really clean! I did also just order some cheaper knock off remotes and the design looks better, very similar to yours

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you are correct using the remote will make it immune to the increased trigger time. They are working on making the trigger duration user selectable. I’m in the boat now where hitting close will make the door come down for a sec then go right back up. Same thing it did when using the relay and plug method when the plug didn’t turn off fast enough. If i wired to the button, this wouldn’t be an issue.

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I wired one of these between the controller and the opener and it works great!


Thanks for the info. That will eliminate my use of a battery. I found it on amazon for $13.


The one in Amazon does not seem to come with a pre-tapped wire out (connecting to the Wyze Controller). I got the one linked from Garadget. Works flawlessly out of the box.

Created a short article that explains how to connect that cool button from Garadget - Making Wyze Garage Door Controller Work with Yellow Button Garage Openers (i.e. security+ 2.0 standard) | by Max Kuzkin | Aug, 2022 | Medium - might be useful for others.


I bought the one linked to on Amazon. It’s true that there is no pre-tapped wire out, but that is not a big issue. The circuit board is held to the plastic button assembly with two screws. You simply put the two low voltage power wires around those screws to power the board. I soldered the two wires from the wyze garage module to either side of the button and things worked right away. The only caveat I would add is that the switch on the 883LM is very small. The buttons shown above have far more room than I had to work with. I had to trim the exposed ends on the wire of the wyze module so there is only a small section visible, and had to really take my time on soldering to get everything positioned correctly. If you take your time, though, it is easy.

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Please I’m stuck with the one on Amazon. Can you take a picture of your work and post here. Really appreciate. Thanks

It’s a little inaccessible at the moment so it might be a while before I can reach it. Can you post a picture of the board and I can use that to guide you?

Thanks for getting back so quickly. I discarded it because it broked and damaged

I since left the garage door opener until I saw your post.

If you discarded the one you had, I would recommend either buying a different button to modify yourself, or just buy the Garadget one. There isn’t a whole lot of work to it, but they only charge a couple bucks more for the Garadget. If you aren’t confident in your ability to solder, it is probably a no-brainer.

I’ll give the Amazon one a second try. Your description of what I need to do is clear. Thanks