Alternate connection idea?

I’ve been struggling on placement of the camera in my garage. Why not wire the controller into the wall button? It’s the same connection. This would allow more flexible placement of the camera, easier interference reduction and, in my case negate the need for an additional outlet since my garage has only single outlets at the openers. The only drawback I see is the distance to the sticker. Others have suggested enlarging the sticker for this problem. I guess another version of this would be to simply lengthen the wires from the GDC to the GDO. Thoughts on what, if any, problems either of these may pose?

Please don’t read my comment as being sarcastic or smart alecky. Just got me thinking.
And your thread gave me the idea and a place to put this thought. Thank you. No disrespected intended.

What if someone ran a new pair from the GDO’s terminals to corner near the edge of the garage door? (yes some work). Then mount the camera on the wall near that corner, near the side of the garage door. Mount it so, it faces across the surface from left to right or right to left of the garage door. Just enough of an angle to see the door. Now, just for fun, mount a board or plate perpendicular standing off the garage door so it directly in front of the camera. Okay, might have to put this board nearer the center of the door or even across the width of the door to gain a good focus. Oops, forgot to add, put the QR Code on the board. Now, the camera is shooting across the width of the door vice facing the door. I just wonder if this might improve the behavior of the product.

I got more time than sense, but less money than time. If I had one of them-thar Wyze GDCs, I’d try it for fun. For sure if it isn’t working like it was claimed. Just for fun.