Can V3 interfearing with my garage door opener

Hi. Installed my first Wyze product. Cam v3 with motion/ flood lights. Up and running ok on the front of the garage, Except now my garage door doesn’t work with any of the remotes. Does with switch on the wall. I’m guessing that it’s picking up wireless signal interference or shutting itself down thinking someone is trying to scan and open the door? Flip the switch to the camera / light and the door works fine. Any thoughts?

It’s actually really common for people to have wireless cameras (not just Wyze specifically, but any Wireless security camera) interfere with their garage door openers…or at least it’s not rare. If you search online you will find people resolving this with various methods. Here are some I have heard:

  • Some people have extended the door opener antenna to another area of the garage.
  • Some people have have had luck grounding the cameras or shielding the cable around the camera.
  • Some people find that if they just reset the code for the Garage door opener, it restores the connection between the remote and the door. It may actually seek to do it on a different channel with less interference. I’m sure a lot of that depends on what protocol the Garage opener uses, as there are several variations.
  • I believe I read of someone telling their router to pick a different channel for their 2.4GHz signal and that helped make devices use a different channel which they said helped with the interference issues.

If you find a solution that resolves your issue so that both the Garage door opener and the wireless Camera both work okay, check back and let us know what you found worked, because I am sure it will come in handy for others too!

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Thank you. Will update when I get back to it.

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