Wyze cam interfering with garage door wifi

After installing the cameras my garage door opener would no longet connect to my wifi after working for years with no issue. I worked through reconnecting the garage door to wifi with no success. When I unplugged the cameras today it connected again.

My garage door trouble shooting section gives this information “Check to see if IP Cameras are being used. DVR software or systems have been known to mistake our gateways for cameras thus blocking us from communicating to our server. We recommend changing the setting in the software or DVR from Auto scan to Manual. For steps, contact the security company or manufacturer of the equipment.”

I was wondering if anyone might have suggestions on where or how to make this change to resolve the issue.

Thank you.

I’ve heard of led bulbs being an issue but not cameras. What brand is the garage opener? Any controllable settings on the garage opener? app maybe?

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Others had this issue:

Not quite the same but for me my alexa dot interfered with my MyQ bridge. I had to move both around physically to fix it.

It would help if we knew the brand of the garage door opener.
Is it a problem with the garage door remotes or an actual Wifi connection like MyQ?
I have Chamberlain MyQ. 1 camera in my garage and 2 on the exterior of the garage. I haven’t had any problems.

Is the camera very close to the garage door opener? If yes, move the camera.

I have the exact same problem. My garage door is a Chsmberlain. I spent about 40 mins chatting with Wyze customer service. He said he had no idea of the issue. I guess they don’t read these feeds. There is no solution.

What is the problem?
Does the wireless remote not work or the Wifi connection to Chamberlain MyQ stop working?
The OP has never clarified this.

I don’t use iq. It’s a chamberlain door opener and I use the cars buttons. It won’t work if I turn on the base station of outdoor cam. The base station is an entire floor above garage


I have the same issue waiting for a reply so I can send it back cam is useless to me.

Have you tried moving the base station farther away? If this doesn’t work you might need to add a wifi add on to your current door motor.