Outdoor cam interference with garage door

My Wyze cam outdoor has drastically reduced the range of my garage door openers to the point I was certain my garage door opener needs to be replaced until I unplugged the base.

I have 4 Outdoor cams and they didn’t bother my garage door opener but other members have had issues with the WYZE doorbell causing an issue,

my garage door installer mentioned how people had similar issue when they install wifi light bulb on the garage door opener.

I use phone app most of the time now. But my dlink wifi cam + 2 wyze cam v3 by the window right above the garage doesn’t seem to interfere with the garage door operation.

OH, this is why I’m having a hard time with my garage door closest to the doorbell. Wow, I wouldn’t have made the connection till I saw this post. Thanks for that. Now how do we fix it!?!

More than likely the garage door opener and camera are using similar frequencies, but most have different channels they can use. Check in the wyze app and see if you can change communication protocols or different frequencies and channels, also on the garage door opener and clicker there may be a channel setting, often a little selector under battery cover or on back of garage door opener housing, that you can rotate with a little flat head screw driver, and may have something like channel 1 2 3 4 5 etc, or channel a b c d, etc. If you have any of those options play around with them, it’s a chance to fix the problem without having to return anything.