Outdoor Cam interfering with garage door opener

Hi folks. I have a new outdoor cam (and having the same detection issues like everyone else). Those issues aside, an equal issue is that the radio frequency used between the base station and camera has knocked out my garage door opener remotes. When the base station and camera are powered off, the garage door opener responds when we are several houses down the street. Now it takes six or more button presses when we’re pulled up to the door to get it to engage. Anyone see something similar?

Even when Wyze gets the kinks worked out with the motion detection, this issue may be a deal breaker, especially for my wife. Do you think a separate 3rd party garage door opener remote that is synced with the opener may change the frequency enough to fix the issue? It seems my opener syncs to remotes and not the other way around.

Garage door openers tend to use the ISM band which is in the 2.5 GHz range. So it’s theoretically possible they could be interfering with each other.

Most garage door openers have the ability to change their frequency. See here for one way:


[mod edit] Garage door openers are not using 2.4G

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Actually yes a great many of them do as I pointed out above. They use the ISM bands.