Wyze Cam v2 interference with garage door opener

Garage door opener Sears Craftsman 139.53963SRT (red learn button)

With 2 x Wyze cam v2 (daisychained) sitting on top it and power adapter on the wall above it (sharing the outlet used for garage door opener), the range of garage door opener remote becomes very limited (only works from within the garage).

As soon as I unplug Wyze power adapter, garage door opener remote range becomes normal and I can open the garage door from outside again. Replacing remote/battery made no difference as long as Wyze cam was powered on.

The interference seems to be coming from the camera itself. I replaced the power adapter with a battery pack and got the same interference issue.

The garage door opener is Security+ (rolling code) on 390 MHz, why is the 2.4GHz camera causing harmful interference?

how old is your 12v remote battery. may be weak. garage remote uses gap discharge. could be low in juice to antenna?

This seems to come up a lot.

He tried that.

Have U tried using different power outlet? for your V2s
separate breaker line if you can test .

I don’t think they are all the same, you are referring to a V2 camera, my post you linked to is regarding the Outdoor cam. None of my 4 v2s mess with the garage like the outdoor cam does. Both are in the relative same location.

Same issue here. Base station interfering with opener.

I fixed my remote garage door interference problem by moving the Wyze camera to a different location. The best location was a 90 degree location to the garage door sensor. My garage door sensor is on the back wall facing the front of the garage and my Wyze camera is on the left side wall of the garage. All problems were solved. Give it a try.

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