Garage Door Remote & Wyze cam RF interference

I recently installed a Wyze cam on the bottom of a Liftmaster garage door opener (metal motor housing). I wanted to be able to confirm that the garage door was closed or when it was open I wanted to see out into the driveway. What I discovered: the placement of the Wyze cam interfered with the RF signal to the garage door remote controls. The remote controls (3) only worked if I was directly in front of the garage, whereas before the Wyze cam installation the remotes operated almost 100 feet away from the garage door (perhaps an 80% to 90% reduction in range for the remotes).

Additional information: I replaced the battery in one of the three remote controls to confirm that it wasn’t a weak battery in the remote. The new battery did not make a difference.

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This has been reported many times. Just search the forum for “garage”.

Yep… I had to move mine as well but only a couple feet

I have a V2 about 10’ in front and above my opener, another about 18’ behind the opener and a Pan about 10’ to the side of the opener. I haven’t noticed any interference.

I moved mine a few feet and all was well. Turn off camera no issue,turn back on one would have to stand in front of the garage door. Ancient late 90’s Craftsman screw drive.

I think from what I have read it isn’t the Wifi interference but other chips in the camera operating at far lower frequencies causing RF interference when too close to the garage opener electronics operating in 300-400 Mhz range.

Mine was literally attached to the bottom of my garage door opener.

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I agree—don’t believe it is the RF from the Wifi, there is some other RF “noise” for the camera. I had mine installed (attached) to the door motor too.

Are any of your camera affix to the door opener motor housing? When the V2 is attached to the drive motor then the problem occurs. A separation of a few feet and there appears to not be a problem. I don’t believe it is the Wifi signal, I think there is some internal RF noise put out by the camera that causes the interference.

Exactly what I did before needing to move a few feet.

The intensity of radio waves over distance obeys the inverse-square law , which states that intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from a source.

Think of it this way: double the distance, and you get four times less power (interference).