Wyze cam2 not notifiying and disconnecting after smart garage door opener installed

We got a new garage door opener a week and a half ago, replacing an 18 year old Chamberlain with a newer model which includes the “smart” MyQ app and remote/WiFi opening feature. Since that time, our WyzeCam v2 in the garage will not send notifications. Additionally, it will not connect for viewing through the app (error: “Connection Failed”) while the garage door is being opened through any source (remote, wall, or via MyQ app) and remains out for several minutes afterwards. The camera is mounted on the wall next to the door into the house, not next to the garage door opener or the the garage door, maybe 10ish feet “as the bird flies” away from the actual garage door opener.

I reset the camera and reconnected it to the network last night. This did not solve the problem.

Clearly there is some interference going on. Anyone have any fixes? We use the camera to monitor our teenagers comings and goings as well as to have a record for dogsitters, etc., while we are away from home so it is necessary that it works.

I have pretty much the same setup and haven’t had a problem. I’d suggest trying to move the camera a couple feet and see that helps. Also, check the wifi strength reported in the app. If it’s marginal, a little interference from the new opener may have been enough to push it over the cliff.

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