All four cams, door bell, door sensors, motion detector show offline

This morning none of my cams, door bell and the sensors work. They show offline. I restarted the app, tried different phones, restarted the router, and with the suggestion of the support, I left the Beta tester software and installed the latest Wyze app. Still the same issue. The screen says device offline error code 90 for the cams. It appears that the cams are not able to reach the servers. The WYZE watch can communicate with the app, and the WYZE plugs work (turn on and off). I created a log with log id318552. I do not believe that it is an isolated issue to a camera (cable / power / SD card etc.), but it is a sitewide issue.

Are you otherwise able to get to the Internet? Is this a home or work installation?


Yes I can access internet. Ran the app that the support sent me to analyze the network. This is home installation. I found out that I can get one cam ONLY. It is not a specific cam or doorbell problem. Something very weird is going on.

Take a look at the DHCP status listing on your router (assuming your router is the DHCP server). See if it is showing that the cameras are connected and have been assigned IP addresses. No, I can not tell you how to do that on YOUR router.

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Anything connected are there. I can see the matching MAC addresses and the local IP assignments.

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