Device offline!?

ok so I have had my wyze cams for a few months now. Well I’m having a problem with my devices staying offline. I can’t connect back to them, or trigger an event to bring them backup. (Yep I have the latest versions of firmware on all my devices such as the the smart bulbs, smart plugs and cameras. ** Now when they are not offline they are perfect! Love my wyze smart system. But I would like to know or figure out how to resolve the issue at hand. All advice is appropriated and duly noted. Thanks guys :writing_hand: :mega:

Im starting to have same problem with contact sensors and motion going offline and have to restart device.all start after latest firmware.

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Going to need to know more about your network setup, stuff like network hardware, how congested the wifi in your area is, how many other wifi devices in your network, how far from your router or access point to your cameras and what’s in-between them before the connection issue can be troubleshot.

115mb speed ,just a firestick ,3 phones,carrier a/c controller,connected to Netgear nighthawk 1950 ,its 10 ft from bridge,/camera on kitchen, 1 motion sensor and contact sensor in kitchen close to the bridge.1 contact sensor in front door with 1 bar signal,never failed in 8 months, i add a camera and motion to the front door.have a netgear wifi repeater at the front door that share ring door camera with the wyze front door camera. Works ok then a couples days later got the update ,sensors start to act, sometimes all contact go offline,sometime is only the motions,today only 1 motion got offline.restart device by the app and everything works again. Cameras signals are full and never go offline.

My WIFI is with AT&T and there aren’t any walls in between the devices in question. My house is pretty open. I do have 2 boys but they aren’t on the internet as much as my sensors, bulbs, and the Kitchen camera. Now I have 112 mbs download speed 7.5 upload. We have a laptop and 2 game systems but they never lag. I wonder what’s thinking really going on!? :thinking:

If it makes you feel any better, I chose to not update and still have more sensor issues. I have 2 camera (with bridge) reboots automated every day. Several more manual reboots were needed the past few days.
When the wife starts asking “why didn’t this light come on?” several days in a row, you can bet that alternative vendor solutions are on their way for testing.

yes…exactly right