Motion Sensors Offline

I’m having problems with ALL my motion sensors going off for a day or so at a time, and then having to restart the camera to which they are attached to get them going again. Is anyone else having this problem? I searched the rest of the forum (maybe using incorrect keywords) but can’t seem to find a similar problem. I have 5 motion sensors that are all tied to wyze bulbs, so it’s pretty apparent when they are offline. However, the contact sensors perform beautifully, so it can’t be the wyze bridge alone. Any ideas?


Yes, have the same problem… Including not being able to find a reasonable answer on the forum. Rebooting the cam hosting the bridge always immediately puts the motion sensor back online… but whats the point of having to do that. On top of it, no notification that something went offline… -gulp-

@WyzeGwendolyn can you please help us with information… please?

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I’ve had the same issue on and off since I got the Wyze Sense back on early release. It’s gotten much better the last couple months, I assume because of firmware updates, but it still happens once in a while. in the beginning, it used to happen almost daily then went went to every several days and now it’s just occasionally for me. For example, on Saturday the Bridge and sensors went offline and that was the first time in about 3 or 4 weeks. The other thing is that sometimes I can get them back online by doing a reboot of the camera with the bridge just using the reboot function in the app and other times, that doesn’t work and I have to power cycle the camera by unplugging it.

I’ve tried for quite some time, but can’t seem to pin down any sort of event that causes it. (which is key to solving it) For example nothing on Saturday happened with my network that I know of because no other smart devices, streaming devices, (I have lots of stuff from various brands) etc had any issues and there were no known power outages or problems either.

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Interesting. It sounds like the bridge goes offline or something, since they’re all affected. I haven’t experienced it personally, so I can’t offer much to the topic.

Having raym64 description of this issue also.

I have 3 bridges and all on occasions have gone off line from time to time…some more then the other.

Noticing no notifications I go to add a device and select add senor to check daily 1-3 times to see if any of the bridge are off line.

Unplugging and plugging the bride from the cam affected did help but so far has not fix this issue from reoccurring.

I’m sorry, I don’t have helpful information here. I would recommend contacting our customer support team about this.

Wyze Customer Support


I have a motion sensor and contact sensor bridged to the same indoor Pan cam. Both went offline with the cam working. Tried unplugging the bridge - did not help. Rebooted the cam - helped for now, although the motion sensor is stuck in the “Motion” state (I’m sure it’ll clear after the next trigger). Will see how long this will last.

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For what its worth, in my particular case I found that the current supplied by the power supply I was using, while good enough to run the camera, was insufficient when a bridge is attached. The current rating of the power supply should be at least 1A. This scenario can manifest when using other than OEM adapter or very long power cord runs.

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thanks for this tip,

As Wyze cant control what usb cord/powersupply users end up using, this might be a source of the “motion sensors offline” issue. Maybe Wyze could consider showing the voltage available in the Camera device settings screen to help with troubleshooting