Wyze devices go offline, have to reboot router to get them back

Occasionally one or more of my Wyze devices goes offline for no reason - this happens to cameras, outlets, bulbs, even the door lock. Once a device goes offline restarting the device doesn’t help, but if I reboot my wireless router then they all reappear - until one or more goes offline again in a day or two. Very frustrating, especially since I’m sometimes away from the house for weeks at a time and it’s hard for me to reboot the router.

I don’t think it’s a router problem, as I don’t have this issue with any other devices connected to the router. Any ideas what could be causing this? Anyone have similar problems?

It still could be the router. I went through 2 routers because of erroneous issues. I finally landed on the ASUS ZenWiFi AX XT8 Mesh.

Couple things to try on your router:

  • Turn off IPV6. Wyze has some issues with this
  • If you are using the Routers Virus checker (Trend Micro) turn that off to test.
  • If you are using a Mesh Network, turn off Beam Forming

However, whenever this happens with my bulbs, I can simply turn the power off for about 15 seconds and then turn them back on and they connect again. Camera’s I unplug the power to the Camera for 15 seconds to about 1 minute. When I plug it back in, I let it boot up and then can stream it again.

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Thanks @spamoni4 , will check all those things when I get back. Will also try swapping out routers - I’ve got an old Netgear I can try.

I also have several Wyze devices - cameras, sensors, etc. - on my boat, using a Huawei mini-router, and I’ve gone over a year so far without losing connection once. May have to switch to Huawei at home too!

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Mine only seems to do this when I leave town and really need the cameras. I get so dang mad I could spit. IM NOT YHERE TO POWER OFF THE DEVICE!

Check your equipment. I can not tell you the number of times I have seen people complain, only to realize something like their router or modem was at fault…