Reset Router have to Delete/Recreate Wyze Cameras

We have five (5) Wyze cameras scattered around the house. We also have two Netgear wifi extenders so our wifi is pretty solid everywhere. Today we ran into something and not the first time. Had some issues with a MyQ garage door opener and while trying to fix that, we reset our wifi router. After we did that all five of the Wyze cameras were offline and won’t come back. Power cycled, tried to restart, everything we could think of and nothing. Last couple times this happened was when we got a power blip and only solution we could do to fix them was to delete all five of them and start them all front scratch.

Any idea why this is happening as this is hardly worth having if they keep doing this?

Hello @phlyx and welcome to the community

I am sorry you have run into issues, that is not the way they should be working. When my power goes out or router resets the cameras will usually come back online bu themselves. Occasionally I will have to restart in the app or power cycle them but that is rare. To have all of yours act this way is definitely an issue. Have you tried contacting support about this?

Are you using the ssme Wifi SSID and password the same before and after the router is reset?

We have two (2) Netgear EX2700 extenders and a FioS extended at the other end of the house all use the same SSID and pw. Just went around and power cycled every router and extended and got everything back up. Every camera still showed offline. I unplugged them one at a time and then two of them came back. After a while all five were back active but the app still shows three of them offline even though if you click on them they will display the active camera picture. A little easier than deleting all of them and setting them all up again.

Just seems odd that every time we have a power blip (and with our Florida afternoon showers is a pretty regular occurrence) that all five go offline and it’s an hour of reseting and plugging and plugging to get the Wyza cameras all back online.

I have a Netgear Mesh system and had never had your reconnection issue with the 6 Wyze cams and 8 sensors.

I do a monthly modem and WiFi router reboot.

Over 40 devices all connect no problems…

Was looking at Mesh but already had a FiOS coax wired extender (can’t go wrong wired) and plopped in the two EX2700’s to fill in the light spots. Thinking of throwing it all out and starting over, especially with these issues.

No issues here, I’ve even replaced the access point multiple times and as long as I use the same SSID/Password all of my Wyze devices connect right back up.

Do you use extenders like the Netgear EX2700’s?

This is my old Netgear setup with extenders before upgrading to the mesh…Wyze devices all worked no problems with rebooting…it just couldn’t handle me adding more devices.

Yup, that’s my extenders. We have a PC directly plugged into one and no issues at all and other things connected to them with wifi (Firesticks, smart TV’s, Surface, Ring doorbell, cell phones, etc) with no issues even after a power blip, Just seems that a power blip or resetting the router and all the Wyze cameras instantly go offline and don’t come back on their own. Just not sure what else to set or check.

Hum … I would try and reset the WiFi extenders.

They are pretty much new additions to the house thinking that might help but next time we get bumped I’ll try that.

If you use the exact same SSID as before when resetting the extender(s) you don’t have to reset up the Wyze cam(s) …they should reconnect no problem.

…good luck.

I realize what they should do, my issue is what they actually do. The network name for the extenders is the exact same as the home network except it appends -EXT to the end of the name and does that automatically, we have no control over that. Going to approach next time a little more methodically.