Frustration level is high with error code 90: Device is offline

I have 10+ wyze cam and cam pan in my home. One or more of them would randomly got this error once a week, some time more. This is unacceptable as some of the cams are so close together (using the same wifi hotspot) but one gets this but the others does not.

Having to recycle the power for this fix is none sense too. it’s too troublesome, even with devices within reach. I have many up high on the roof or simply out of reach without a ladder. This error has happened to me when I tried one cam out but couldn’t imagine it’s this bad with many devices (well, I should have known better…).

I don’t want to mention the sensors…restart the sensor bridges…jeez

Does anyone has a suggestion on how to improve this? The question itself sucks…Wyze should’ve done that already but I’m welcome a temporary solution.

Would having a dedicated wifi reduce this?

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Are you running an extender? If not, try a wifi extender?

there is no solution. I also have the same problem for a long time.

I came on here to find out if there was a known problem for this because I woke up two days ago and 5 of my 10 cameras were suddenly offline too. Nothing changed and this has happened SO MANY TIMES its not funny. I have a case of insanity because I keep doing the same thing (trusting WYZE and buying their products) and expecting a different result (expecting them all to work). I will be on the phone to tech support in a few minutes. YES, I HAVE AN EXTENDER and a google wifi mesh system (I think that’s what its called). I live in a small ranch style home that is an open layout so there aren’t any 2nd floors or basements. 5 out of 10! unacceptable and like the original poster, my cameras are not in a convenient place to have to keep climbing on a ladder to reboot them.

I have this problem too. All products are offinle included 4 cameras v2, one motion sensor and one door sensor. I have try to restart the everything. it didn’t work. I am so frustration this product. Are somebody have a solution. Thank you.

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I use a mesh wifi. The problem is the issue is always there even with my 1 camera and the wifi literally sits next to it.

Another Error 90 on one of my Pan Cam’s its consistent, Have tried firmware update, reformat SD card, reset, Power Cycle, and about 10 other things. Would be nice to get some resolve from Wyze but it is impossible as you all know to even get workable Support via chat or the eternal calling support, forget that!!! Have to tell you like many other Wyze folks who trusted and believed in you that I am done with Wyze, some of us are slow learners… I am so done with this company, huge scam that is out of control on resolution of anything! Good bye Wyze!