Cam2 missed its own theft?

Hi all, I’m seeking suggestions for what went wrong for me in this situation.

A thief busted through a locked garage door yesterday. A cam2 was pointing at the door from inside the garage, about 20 feet away on the opposing wall. The cam2 was taken (no big loss), but I’m surprised I didn’t get any notification and no video was uploaded. :disappointed: Does this mean the thief rushed straight for the camera? Or disabled power?

Otherwise, the camera was working fine, with notifications every day as we came and went. It’s very disappointing that I’ve received thousands of notifications over the past year but nothing for the moments that mattered!! The last recording shows me leaving for work and closing the garage door in the morning.

I know the cam2 isn’t a full security system. I know I could have been clever about hiding it or using multiple cameras. But I really expected the minimum of a notification and, perhaps, a 12-second clip of the break-in. The camera had an SD card and a great WiFi signal (with a repeater in the garage).


Welcome to the forums! That’s a bummer that all that occured. :frowning: to try and answer your question as to why you didn’t get a video or notification, (we may never really know what actually occured) but imo I think either the camera got it’s power shut off or unplugged before it had a chance to upload the clip to the cloud. The notifications on your phone occur after the clip is uploaded, so there is a maybe 15 second delay (12 second recording plus some server data travel time) from the start of trigger to upload and notif.

For the future, you may want to think if installing some Wyze Sense sensors, like a contact sensor on the door or discreet motion sensor in the garage space. Those provide almost instant notifications, and when triggered can be used to trigger other devises (turn on smart lights, other cameras that are not in garage but face the garage from the home, sirens or audible alarms [via ifttt, as Wyze does not have sirens themselves yet], etc). These are some ideas that allow you to stay in the Wyze ecosystem, but always explore other systems or alarm monitoring. Because there might be other systems that better suit your demands if you want to upgrade.

If I was in your spot, I’d definitely use multiple cameras that I would hide or paint or camouflage somehow with door sensors on the entry points.

Hopefully damage and loss was minimal for you. Good luck on your fortification process going forth :slight_smile:

Edit/ I would also not delete the camera from your app just yet, and keep an eye on it. If it disappears from your camera list them someone else installed it to theirs if they created a Wyze account and used the app. Unfortunately there is not way to recover or get any more information about it other than know that it was setup somewhere else. If the camera never disappears then maybe the bad person threw the camera away or brokenit.