Control multiple garage doors with one v3 cam

It would be nice to control a garage with 2 doors with 2 garage door controllers and a single v3 cam. Its a waste to have 2 cameras in the same space.

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For those with multiple garage doors, but don’t want/need multiple cameras, it would be nice to have multiple garage door openers work off just one camera, and not have to buy a camera for every garage door, One cam that can view/process the main garage door independently from a 3rd stall garage door, or those with two independent garage doors. Separate button on the app for each door, but showing on the one cam would be very ideal. #wishlist #GarageDoorController.

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Yes, I absolutely agree that it would be preferred to control multiple doors with only 1 camera. I just moved and previously had the MyQ garage door app which didn’t use any cameras and was able to open/close the door. There is no reason to have multiple cameras in my garage. Additionally, the sales page should be more clear that a camera is required, I bought 1 bundle and then 1 controller which now is useless to me unless I decide to buy a 2nd camera.


I did the exact same thing and guess I will just return the controller since it’s useless and I don’t want nor need a 2nd camera in there.


@mjake.peterson81 and @kyle.daugherty,

Hopefully, this will get more visibility from Wyze and develop this. It would definitely drive more sales for the garage door controllers. I personally use Wyze for everything (lights, cameras, home security, cam plus, vacuum, locks…) but still use another vendor for controlling my garage doors.


I agree, and it would also be nice to simply be able to use the controller without a camera. Sure, you wouldn’t get some features, but all I want is the ability to send an open/close signal from my phone and the only thing preventing that is them enabling it in the app instead of making the controller be an accessory on a camera.

100% agree. It’s a simple contactor so I could also use it for a gate opener at the end of my driveway (ran 2 strand wire down there but there’s no wifi signal). Hopefully Wyze developers will see this.

I just received my garage door controller with v3 camera and I am going to set this up on the center door, 1 of 3. I asked this question before and the answer that I got is that the controllers will not work independently without the camera because of the plug for the controller. The plug in for the controller is the same as it is for the camera, so why would it not work, the controllers are independently addressible, right? I think it is great to have one camera, and the barcode feature is great, but if I can see the other 2 doors with one camera, I should be able to open and close the other 2 from the wyze app if I have a controller on them. As I set this up, I am going to test my theory without the camera. If anyone can see a hole in my logic, please let me know.


I agree. I have a two-door garage and I just got 1 garage door bundle that comes with a V3 cam. Since the camera has good wide-angle to cover both garage doors, I am hesitant to order another bundle for my other door. I hope I could just get another controller (not a bundle) to be able to control both doors. I upvoted the wishlist item hoping the firmware update will arrive soon.

I have camera-less MyQ controllers on my two garage doors. I was happy with them up to the point where the company foolishly decided to no longer cooperate with Google Home. I went to buy the Wyze solution but it’s too complicated, with needing two cameras. Hopefully Wyze will come out with something like the MyQ setup. I use Wyze all over the place so would love to do so with the garage doors. Oh, and I have a camera in there already. No need for three!

@RedDrum22, how did you do with testing?

Still wished Wyze would allow the control of multiple doors. :confused:

Not so well. That would be convenient, as I have 3 doors all visible in the one camera. Unfortunately only one of the openers is compatible.