Does V4 cam work with Garage opener?

Does V4 cam work with Garage opener?

Unfortunately, no.

Thanks. But it doesn’t mention anything about V4

Wyze Garage Door Controller is only compatible with Wyze Cam v3. It requires a v3 to function, and will not work with any other camera models.

And from the Cam v4 FAQ section:

Which accessories work with Wyze Cam v4?

Wyze Cam v4 works with the following accessories: Wyze Lamp Socket, Wyze Cam Window Mount, Wyze Cam Outdoor Adapter v1 and v2, and microSD cards up to 512 GB.

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Will something happen in near future? Looking to buy garage opener soon

I haven’t heard any rumors about additional non-v3 cams working with the garage door controller.

Seems they need a Foresight Department at Wyze. New items should work with existing items.

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Funny with the timing. Our Wyze camera v3 we used for the garage just started having issue. Looks like there is a crack inside the camera or something. So may have to get a new one, I did move the camera so now it’s not blocking the barcode at least.

But it does bring into question with them having the v4, I’m guessing when they run out v3 they won’t restock those again, so hopefully they can get something going before that happens.