Wyze Garage Door Controller - Support for additional Wyze cam models

Wyze Garage Door Controller support for Wyze Cam v3 Pro

Any plans to make the Wyze garage door controller work withWyze Cam v3 PRO


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[Mod Note]: There is an additional difficulty involving making the pan cameras work with the garage door controller. That is, the pan camera must return to the home position with extreme accuracy to read the bar code. At this time, the pan cameras do not have this level of accuracy.*

Will the Garage Door Controller ever support the V3 Pro cameras?

Has anyone tried using a Cam V3 Pro with a Garage Door Controller? Can they work together?

They will not work currently. There is no Accessory options for the V3Pro and therefore you cannot connect the garage door opener to it.

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It seems like an easy fix. Am I not getting something here? If the V3 cameras can do it… just make the V3 Pro be able to do everything the V3 can do… and add stuff to that list.

Just like McDonald’s offering a Large Fries … which has EVERYTHING a Medium Fries has … and they just add more fries to it.

It would be pretty silly to sell a Large Fries which adds 50 Fries to the Medium… but then have the Large take away 60 fries from the Medium. That’s called a downgrade, not an upgrade.

I hear what you are saying. As a Community Volunteer, and not an Employee, 8 cannot influence Wyze one way or the other. Hence we have these wishlist items which Wyze can look at and see determine which features or items could be viable for inclusion in the Wyze environment.

Wyze Garage Door Controller - Support for Wyze Cam OG

Given that many old Wyze customers have plenty of the OG cameras. Are there plans to support these with the Garage door controller?

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Use garage controller with Wyze Cam Pan v3

Any thoughts on making the garage door controller compatible with the Wyze Cam Pan v3? Would be nice to pan around within the garage but still have control of the garage door.

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And would there not be the issue of it always always returning to its view of the door?

Why not just add one more camera to the garage? A V3 pan?

Plus, there’s the benefit of “now” vice waiting for product testing and release.

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