Making your garage door opener compatible

My Garage door opener is listed as “not compatible” It has a yellow learn button.
So I made a simple modification to make it compatible.
The two wires that return to the opener won’t activate the opener when shorted together, however the circuit board for the wall mounted door controller has a push button for opening and closing the door.

I added two wires across the push button on the board and connected them to the Wyze garage door controller. Pictures of the modification attached.


@Dave.R, I have not purchased the WGDC for the same reason … Yellow button.

I assume then that you are running the newly soldered push button control wires to the pigtail wires intended for the back of the motor unit?

I had always assumed that the pushbutton switch was a mechanical momentary switch component on the board. Interesting that the GDC will activate the pushbutton on the board.

@SlabSlayer ,correct, the output of the Wyze garage door controller is a contact closure, it is now wired in parallel to the push button on the circuit board.

I see… I will have to dig into my old opener now to see how it operates. I thought the two wires from the push button to the motor unit were also open until pushed, thus closing the circuit. Since this is how simple doorbell style buttons work, couldn’t the GDC pigtails just be piggybacked into the same pushbutton wire inserts?

@SlabSlayer , Maybe I am not being clear, The circuit board pictured is part of a wall mount assembly you put in your garage, it comes with the opener. On it it has another learn button and a large plastic button to open your door. The plastic button depresses the tiny board mounted switch. All I have done is to add wires to the side of the board mounted push button switch and run them to the Wyze Garage door controller.

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Ah yes. I see. My wall button has no such learn function associated with it. I think it may be an aftermarket replacement from the previous owners as the original ancient wallbox controller board was disconnected but left on the wall behind a shelf. I am going to have to do some experimenting. Now that I know the GDC produces a closed circuit on activation, I can work with that!

@Dave.R can you show me step by step what you did? I didn’t even know you had to check for compatibility and turns out I have liftmaster with yellow learn button. Now I’m trying to figure out what you did.


Hi @taevion0 ,
I basically just took the two wires from the Wyze garage door opener pigtail and connected them across the push button switch that was mounted on my wall

Take a look at my instructions in the first post in the pictures in this thread and see if it makes sense to you, shoot back any questions you might have…

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My two wires for the not compatible Genie screw drive were on the wall mount. Board had two places to solder wire into. First I tested, then braided the wires into the holes, worked/works great. One day I’ll solder it :blush: