Garage door controller instalation


I have purchased Wyze GDC and expected that installation will be easy.
I thought that my Overhead garage door opener PDS800® Newton DC Powered Garage Door Operator ( suppose to be compatible with my Wyze GDC but I didn’t find any instructions on how to connect wires to the garage door opener unit itself. (the provided video is too short and DOESN’T show HOW TO connect wires.)
I have a wired pushbutton, common, beam terminals, and 2 (red and green) flashlights. I can see the “learning” button but I cannot see the “learning” light.
How do I connect Wyze GDC wires to terminals?

Is this the video you watched? It shows the terminals, but they are just example terminals because each garage door is different. Basically, you have to identify which ones your wall button is connected to, and connect to the same terminals (you are essentially paralleling the wall button’s wiring).

Your Quickstart Guide may also have more info.


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Connect the Wyze GDC to the PUSHBUTTON and COMMON terminals. :slight_smile:


I have 3 on/in-going cords into my garage ceiling…
This is why I was confused.
Thank you for your advice.

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And if @Newshound, suggestion doesn’t work. Try reversing those two. Put the one you put on Pushbutton on Common, and the one you tried on Common on Pushbutton.

Some GDO’s will make a clicking sound when you are using the Learning button IF, there are not bulbs in the GDO. So, you might try removing the bulbs to help the learning button.

Some Pushbutton Wall controls, have a flap or door, that you can open to get to the learning button there too.

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The wires are not polarized. It is a simple short with some resistance.

You also do not need to touch the learning button because there are no coded RF transmissions involved. Just a ‘shorting’ of the terminals. :slight_smile:

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