Garage Door Control Short Check

I really like the garage controller product, but there’s a lingering question on the compatibility. I have a Whisper Drive LW9000WiFi. I tried the short check, and I see the lights on the motor change to signify it going up/down, but the garage door does not. Is this expected for doing that short test? If so, does the controller provide enough power to actually trigger it, or it relying on the shorting to be enough for it to work?

It is relying on the short of the input terminals for the garage door opener’s wall button to trigger an actual opening or closing of the garage door. If it doesn’t physically open or close the door, then you aren’t compatible. :frowning:

The garage door opener’s wall button terminals are where the Wyze controller connects. So should be a real reliable test.

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If the short check does not move your garage door, unfortunately, your garage opener is not compatible :slightly_frowning_face:


If you are determined to use this Wyze GDC, there is a way that likely will work for you. Some of the other Internet/app controlled GDC used the same technique. Its a hack and you are on your own to implement it, but I will explain it.

Please keep I mind that I don’t know how Wyze is doing this, so I am not saying definitely it is an 'inching capable controller", but it might be.

Some GDC’s are using an inching technique. Inching is simply an automated way to "turn a switch on for fractions of a second(s) and forcing it off immediately. Some what like a momentary switch. So, while the GDC might not be compatible with the GDO, you can (maybe) use this hack. Sacrifice one of your GDO remotes. Open it up and locate the contacts that are closed when the button is pressed. Now that you know which it is, soldier a couple of short wires to the contacts/terminals. Short them to insure this activates the remote and the door opens. Good? Take the two wires from the Wyze GDC and connect them to the two remote’s wires. Power the GDC and use the app to open/close the door. If it works, you know the hack works. Clean up connections and what to make it pretty. I did this, using a $6 Sonoff Basic Wifi switch. I used a short remote control car pair of quick connect pigtails so I could disconnect it.

Just an idea if you really want to use the Wyze GDC and your GDO is not on the compatible list.

Thanks for the info, this helps greatly.