No notifications from Doorbell Pro

I’m a Plus Unlimited subscriber. I have a Doorbell Pro and have ALL notifications set to ON.

It records events; but I never ever get a push notification or app notification of people or motion being detected.

I do get alerts from other cameras.

Is there something I should check?

Thanks for being a cam plus unlimited subscriber, we really appreciate you supporting us. Can you take a screenshot of what detections you have turned on? There could be a couple causes.

~Matt Van Swol
Head of Subscription Growth


Have had my doorbell a few months. Sometimes it detects people etc and other times they walk right by and nothing. Also, a lag time on notifications. Person is gone before I get notifications.

@jessethorstad Thanks for sharing the screenshoot, those setting looks right. Do you mind submit a log for us to take a look this issue ?
here is the step how to submit log.
Thanks !!
Chuanzhu Xu from Wyze Dev team


Once a log is submitted, please post the log number here for @WyzeChuanzhu to reference. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi Folks, I would be interested in the result of this investigation as well. Having the same issue with Android phones too. I have gone thru the suggested settings and they are consistent.
Look forward to a reply when resolved.

Log file #1281203

I am also not seeing any notifications when the doorbell is pressed. Makes the whole device pointless. I have all the correct notications on, just like the original poster. Really need a solution to this

Sorry for the late reply, We notice the issue, will try to fix it ASAP.
@mdgs3 thanks for the log.
@pauljnye thanks for reporting this issue again.



F.Y.I. I removed the battery pack from the camera and recharged it. Sometime after that, we did get a doorbell notification and phone call

I have the same problem also but notifications are intermittent, but to include VoIP not working.
Here is my ticket # 3636382.
Log file # 1306213, 1306214
Thanks team for you help

@willootree @mdgs3 @pauljnye
we have deployed the fix for this issue on 2/4/2024. Do you mind give a retry ?

Thanks again for raising this issue again.


I dont mind at all. Will get it

Please ignore the misspellings, my fingers are too big.

Good Day,
My Video Door bell now receives Voip, phone call.
Thank you Wyze team, much appreciated.

Good Day,
My Video Doorbell now receives Voip, phone call.
Thank you Wyze team, much appreciated.

To get the update, do we need to update the Wyze app, or do a firmware update on the doorbell device?

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