A plea for help: Camera not recording events

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping you all can help me figure out a problem.

I have a variety of Wyze cameras around my house (10). And I just can’t ever seem to get them to record events. A few missed ones are fine, but I’m talking about things like my pro doorbell cam missing a vehicle driving straight down my driveway at it, someone delivering a package and then leaving and it not recording a thing.

I’ve been living with these weird gaps but last week one of our dogs attacked another one of our dogs, nearly killing her. It happened in front of a camera and nothing was recorded. Knowing what triggered the attack would have been incredibly useful. If I can’t rely on motion detection to work properly why bother with the cameras.

I’m hoping someone has some suggestions. They’re all on cam plus, I’ve spent tons of time fiddling with settings and nothing seems to really last or work the way it should. Is it possible that cloud recordings can only capture from one camera at a time? Maybe two cameras triggering at once means only one recording happens? I’m planning on upgrading the older cameras and installing sd cards in everything. But is still love for motion to work correctly.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Some questions I can think of for you to answer to help provide a focused assistance.

You mention a variety of cameras then the doorbell pro specifically, then tag the thread Wyze cam outdoor. The doorbell pro and the WCO are a pir sensors camera that have a certain distance range that they can detect. Without knowing more about these installs, it’s gonna be hard to provide focused assistance here. All I can say is max out your settings and make sure all filters in the event tab are off so that all events are shown. Make sure the WCO isn’t behind glass, because if it is, it will not work.

What is the other “variety of cameras”? How are they used? Where do they look? What are they set to? Without specifics it’s gonna be hard to focus troubleshooting on these unknown cameras.

One thing I can recommend right now is to use high endurance SD cards in all the cameras that support continuous recording. That what you have a backup Incase the cloud recording doesn’t catch something.

No. The only thing effecting this is your if you wifi can support each camera uploading at once if all are sending off cloud events.

Every cam has to be tuned individually for its Field of View. Uploads are dependant on motion, so Sensitivity and Detection Zones are very important.

If you are not seeing all your uploads in the Event tab, check your Event Filters (Funnel Icon) to make sure that you aren’t filtering out and hiding some of the uploaded Motion Events.

If you have your cams set to save Smart Detection AI Events only in the Event Recording settings, the server will only save those events that the AI has tagged as Smart Detection Events. To save all uploads, regardless of the tag, change this to All Motion Events and use the Device Notifications settings to keep from being inundated with notifications. You can also use the Event Filters to hide the Motion only events.

Lastly, for cams that have an SD Card slot, install a High Endurance SD Card in each and set it to Record Continuously so that you always have a backup video record of 24\7 video. I use 256GB HE SD Cards and average between 3 and 4 weeks of recorded history.

Put uSD cards in every camera and set them for continuous recording. Nothing missed. And yes, in addition to CamPlus…