No playbacks of any sort

So I bought a Wyze camera over the weekend, in hopes of recording events. Downloaded the app, and have the camera up and running. I can see the camera no problem, and everything looks fine.

So now, I want to set up record events and I cannot get the Cloud version, or the SD version working.
I understand the cloud records in 12 second increments. I also understand that by installing an SD card, you can record continuously.

My problem - I can’t get either method to record events.
When I click on View Playback, the entire timeline is blank and the screen says “No video at selected time”.
When I go into Event Recording, I have Schedule for “All Day” and both Detects Motion and Detects Sound On.
In the advanced settings, I have local recording to micro SD card enabled. I have formatted the card using the app.
Side note, I have tried 2 different SD cards - and older one, and a brand new one.

The bigger issue then the continuous recording though - is that even when I have that disabled, there are no recordings in the cloud either. I really am at a lost with it!

here is a screenshot of the camera info.

Reset it. Unplugged it wait wait wait wait… and done your welcome😁

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would you be kind enough to screen shot your setting pages and post them? (if I can get your trust level raised of course) often times it something simple. make sure your motion detection is turned on. without it the camera wont record anything.

I see you are using an iphone/ ipad. what are they specifically.
also what version of the app are you using and what firmware is on the cameras?

sadly I am unable to see the pic at the post you linked. I can try to get one of our awesome @moderators to bump your trust level so we can get to the bottom of this issue.

Edit:- I was able to see your picture after all. hopefully we can still get your level bumped so the pictures will be right here. hopefully its just something in your settings ( very easy to overlook something with as many options as we have)

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Here’s a few screenshots - let me know if there are anymore needed.

and one last one - Monosnap

right on :slight_smile:

do you have a detection zone possibly set up or set in an area of the frame where it’s not seeing movement?

you mentioned in a previous post that you could “see the camera”

do you mean its ust showing up in the app or that its there AND you can see the live view?

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I have the detection zone set to “off”. I would assume that can be set to “off”, and it would pick up movement from the entire feed, correct?

and yes, I can see the live feed from the camera. I am looking at it as we speak, with no problems.

yes you are correct there. with the zone “off” it means the entire frame is the zone.

Try turning it on thought and making it maybe half the frame and see if it picks anything up. it shouldnt really change anything, but you never know.

with the sd card in and recognized are you able to manually record and take pictures?

this thread just happen. New camera and will not record. He flash the firmware back and it started recording

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I tried turning on the zone, and no changes. I tried it last night as well,

just recorded a test video and picture, and both show up in the album.

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I can certainly give that a try.

I would try the rtsp firmware first and update from there.

I am looking for a link to download it as we speak, but not really coming up with anything. Do you have a link available?

I am looking too.

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I had the exact same problem and flashing to the previous version of firmware solved my problem. Here’s the link.


Thanks everyone - Will try tonight and report back. Fingers crossed!

im really eager to help on this as I bought a camera the other day from the depot and had similar issues. mine appeared more significant though in that I was unable to do a few other things as well.

just for expertise I am going to tag in a few other people as they have a lot of experience and we might be overlooking something to try. Enter the Wyze @Mavens

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I also bought mine from home depot.

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update -
I flashed the firmware back to demo_v2_4.9.5.36.bin.
as soon as it finished installed, I started to get notifications on my phone about noise and movement.

So it worked - Crazy!
thanks everyone.


so the firmware download failed is the out come?