Recording, but not in "events"

This started a few weeks ago. I opened the app and went to “events”. App displayed “nothing to see here”. I restarted the camera and went back to “events” and got the same message. I went to “view playback” and saw there were plenty of “events” recorded. They just don’t show in “events”. I have rebooted the Wyze camera v2, but change. This happens every 4 or 5 days. Thanks!

The events you see in Playback are stored locally on your SD card. The Events tab is for those events that were sent to the cloud.

It sounds like you have event recording on the SD card turned on but cloud recording turned off.

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Thanks for your prompt reply. I checked and did indeed find “detects motion “ under “event recording” turned off. The odd thing about it is, I did a “restart device” earlier today and it began recording “events” almost immediately, although I only turned “detects motion” now.

That is odd, but I have seen behavior like that from Wyze frequently. Settings that look like they are on are actually off and vice versa. I think it’s just sloppy coding. Seems to come and go in each version.