Downhill fast

I’m sorely disappointed with my recent purchase of the V3 “Pro” (sarcastic emphasis intended). It feels like an unfinished product. I didn’t pay $60 plus shipping to beta test for Wyze. The camera is riddled with issues and definitely not an upgrade for a V3. I’ll list just a few of the frustrations I’ve encountered:

  • I’m not getting thumbnails in the app. Really?
  • Does NOT work with the light socket. Period.
  • I cannot get person detection to work at all. Setting up without Cam Plus will only notify of “motion detected” for a person. Adding to Cam Plus will not notify of any motion events, regardless of person, pet, vehicle, etc.
  • I had to shave down the micro USB connector previously plugged into the V3 this cam replaced. For some reason, with all my might, I couldn’t get it seated for a proper connection.
  • Returning to Live View from the settings menu will not automatically restart the video stream. I need to exit the Line View and reselect the camera.

I’ve been a loyal Wyze customer for the better part of a decade. Always jumping on new products and services. And I’ve sung their praises to anyone looking for self-monitored home security. But I feel duped. Get your stuff together, Wyze. Maybe instead of focusing on the quantity of products you push out, you should focus on the quality.

Sorry so blunt.


Are you using iOS or Android? I primarily use Android and get Person notifications all the time. iOS seems to be working as well, but I was curious so I do some checks as well.

Do you Have Cam Plus, sounds like you do but wanted to verify.

Note: The new setup allows for Event Recording based on AI or all motion. Notifications are set the same way as well. If you could post some images of your settings area, I am sure some individuals, myself included, will take time to try and assist.

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I’m using the iOS app 2.37.2, iOS on my iPhone is 16.1.2. My V3 Pro has not caused me any issues yet, it is currently using Cam Plus also. The only thing that does not work is it will not stream on the WYZE Live Stream web view, but it will show all the events tagged correctly. No issues with notifications at all.

From the other day when I had notifications turned on:


Yea, I am experiencing the same.

I can stream on WebView as well. I just checked again and it is working for me. I did clear my Browser Cache which may have got it working. I will acknowledge, it did not work in the past.

Maybe something to try. To do a full refresh of Webview, go to the Browser, Chrome is what I used, then do the following to force a cache refresh of that site:

  • When the page loads go to the three dots at the top right and click on it
  • Go down to more tools
  • Select Developer tools and let that page load
  • Then long press on the refresh button in the browser and you should get a menu
  • Choose Empty Cache and do a Hard Reset

Hopefully that works for you

Didn’t work, the V3 cams will load instantly if I tap the white arrow, The Pro doesn’t stream, not really that important to me as of yet, just testing it out.

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