WYZE Outdoor cam - False advertising and broken promises

The Outdoor cam is one of the most disappointing products I’ve ever purchased. It doesn’t record events correctly. You can’t record from your phone. It rarely captures the beginning of an event. The recording to the SD card does not work.

In fact, with a dispute with my neighbor, it failed to record anything. Now I have no evidence of my neighbor’s boorish behavior. THANKS, WYZE. You failed me…

It is truly a horrible product that is little more than a baby monitor. Incredibly disappointed.


100% Agree…I am trying to like this Company…but it’s the Toy’s and smalls that are OK. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING SECURITY RELATED from Wyze!!!

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I have 4 WCO and they work just fine. Maybe it’s the way yours are set up and the location.
The recording to the SD in the camera does work if you set the cam for scheduled event recording. The SD in the base will have recordings also unless you have cam plus.

There goes an Amazon van 55 feet away. No Cam Plus on this cam, it is on scheduled event recordind.

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Can you push record on the App, and it records the outdoor camera’s feed?

Mine does not.

Does your WCO record to the SD card?

Mine does not.

Did I get a bunk unit? Perhaps… but it seems that this is a complaint that extends to other members as well, especially around accurately recording events and to the SD card.

There is no playback on the WCO, never has been, You get cloud recording with or without Cam Plus but without the recordings are only 12 sec. I use Scheduled event recording set for 30 days, no cool down period and a max video length of 2 min. For each video, you can set it up to 5 min. Each video. I have 32 GB cards in my cams. I just took one out that had 26 GB on it. You will still get a 12 sec. cloud clip like the one I posted but the cam will keep recording to the SD for the set time as long as the motion continues. You can record from live view to your phone/device. Push the camera record in live view.



So, with the WCO, I have Camplus, It records sporadically, and events that should be recorded are not. Oddly, the alerts seem to work just fine.

There is no ability to record from the SD card. The SD card is blank, although it recognizes that there is a SD card present in the device (says 0.25 / 29Gb used). I’m not sure why.

When I push “Record”, it records for about 5 seconds and the app shuts down completely. The App fails, and the recording doesn’t happen.

I cannot review the SD card, like I can with the V2 and V3. As you noted, there is no option to “View Playback” like you can withe other cams. And therefore, you can’t record past events…

Thanks for your input.

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As I said, with cam plus videos are not recorded to the SD in the Base. Next time you go play with your neighbor, set your WCO to scheduled continuous recording for 1 hour, it will record live view to the SD in the cam. I don’t recommend leaving continuous recording for more than 1 hour or you will be charging your battery frequently, like every 2 days or so,

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Thanks again. How does one view the recorded hour, if you do this this way?

Do you have to manually remove the SD card, and view it on your computer (via an adapter)?

Duly noted about the Continuous vs. Motion only… that part makes sense.

You will have to take the SD card out and view with card reader or in a PC. I have never seen how long the camera battery will last with continuous recording but I don’t think it would last more than a couple of days. I use scheduled event recording and I charge the cams when they get to about 40 %, every 6-7 weeks depending on how much they have been recording.

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Thank you, good sir… Very helpful.

You solved one mystery (how to play back the recordings).

I have the Pan, V2 and V3, and this is the only model I’ve had serious issues with. Thanks for the tips.

I have one V3, only because I only have one source of power unless I want to drill a bunch of holes in my wall which isn’t going to happen.

Clearly, playback function should be added for this cam. Granted, it may impact duration of battery charge, but it is necessary as far as I am concerned; without it, the value of the outdoor cam is diminished significantly.

The battery sucks in the Outdoor cam (need to pickup a Solar Panel)…For me it’s best to stick with the Stock settings…any changes will lead a Huge decrease in Battery life. I have reported this and sent a Log Files to Wyze.

**“any changes will lead a Huge decrease in Battery life.”
Wrong !. I charged a cam yesterday, it had 42% remaining, the last charge was 7 weeks ago. The cam is on scheduled event recording with no cooldown to the SD in the camera, Cam is set to HD, Night vision on auto IR lights on. SD card had over 4GB of events on it. My other 3 WCO also perform the same. The biggest battery killer for the WCO is a poor wi-fi signal.

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Wifi is a Issue..Agree…But if I change the Detection Zones, Distance, Image the Life is sucked out (Drive Way Cam). My Pool Cam is good for 3 months with Standard settings (I also shut off when using the Pool). A Solar Panel would be recommended for Traffic area’s.