Outdoor Cam - Piece of Crap

Okay. I have 32GB cards installed and recognized in both the Outdoor Cam (OC) and Base Station (BS). Neither on records events. Manual recordings go… somewhere. Manual Pics get saved to “Album”, wherever that is. The Wyze App can’t view anything on the OC or BS, other than “Live View”.
Switched to “Away From Home” mode and connected via WiFi. Wyze App sees nothing other than “live View” still. This is August 2021, and I see the folks [mod edit] about this in August 2020, so I infer I’m [mod edit].
If you are thinking of purchasing the Wyze Outdoor Cam and Base Station… DON’T
It’s a piece of [mod edit]. Nothing but frustration. Doesn’t do ANYHTING but live view.

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Yep…I am out until Friday…from yesterday 55% now it’s 6%. Network is up with no changes to the device. I Am completely done with Wyze for any security products.

I have 4 Wyze Outdoor cams that work just fine since October 2020. Maybe you should read up on the cam. The cam will not record video events to the SD in the cam unless you use scheduled event recording, scheduled continuous or time lapse. The base will have video events on the SD card if you set the cam to“Back up to base” under event recording. The base won’t have event videos if you are using cam plus. If you do manual recording or take pictures they are saved in the photo/video album on your phone/device. I can view live view or event recordings from any place in the country as long as I have a cell signal. I’m using the iOS app ,iPhone and iPad without issue.


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Interesting it’s weird how some people have so many problems and others like us have over 44 cams in service and our sits and at customers sites and had no issues,we had 1 new V3 Camera and the set-up switch was missing from the board our service technician found that,and yes it was replaced under warranty, and all of our cameras are interface with a Govee wifi plug so our service technician can do a hard cameras re-boot any time,all technicians on Friday make sure that all firmware is up to date


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These are saved to your phone or tablet device storage.

There is no playback function for the outdoor camera or base, you’d have to either view your cloud event videos in the event tab or your scheduled or time-lapse videos by pulling the card and placing it in a computer.

Can you post screen shots of your event recording and detection settings for the camera please?

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