Wyze Cam Outdoor: A neat toy but not a security device

I have two outdoor cameras that I use to watch the entrances to my home. I subscribe to cam plus as this at the time sounded like a useful feature being able to have smart detection and longer videos. Recently, I keep having an issue where my event videos will show up as 0s in length. Clicking on them brings up a still image with a message that says the video was not successfully uploaded to the cloud.

This was just a mild annoyance until the other day while I was on a work trip someone attempted to break into my home with my girlfriend there asleep. I know this because I can see a still image from the camera that leads to, you guessed it, a zero second video.

I’ve submitted a log, and contacted wyze to help me acquire the video for the police. I know it was uploaded correctly as the cam plus smart detection features successfully assess these videos. I know my internet was fine. This continues to happen daily.

I have been given the runaround by Wyze. I’ve been contacted by three separate people and given generic troubleshooting issues that I have made very clear that I have either tried or are not applicable. I have been asked to submit a log even though I was told an email earlier that the engineers were working on my log and I told them in my very first email that I submitted a log. These emails quite frankly seem very tone deaf and the people responding either are not reading my emails or have no idea how this product actually works.

I have a very bad taste in my mouth at the moment. For a product that is very clearly branded as being able to provide security, it is very disappointing to know that when it is actually needed it can fail fairly consistently. It also is upsetting to know that wyze will not provide me with any real support at all.

These cameras are neat gadgets when they work. For security, the most important feature is reliability, I would not recommend you rely on this product for peace of mind.


The WCO is the wrong device for the application. Because the WCO is battery operated, it is massively crippled in order to preserve battery life. A powered camera would be far better for the purpose.

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I would like to use a powered camera but I do not own this home so I am limited at what I can do to install one. I am aware of the WCOs limitations due to battery power however my issues are with its basic functionality failing to perform correctly.