V 2.15.41 , worst update ever released

The latest version V2.15.41 together with the camera firmware version update has to be the worst update ever.
Any motion gets detected. Wether its inside the set detection area or not.

Motor vehicle’s are detected as " persons " this is totally unacceptable quality control

Its just a matter of time before Wyze servers will completely fail because of millions of constant detection uploads.


I’m having same issue

The only way i managed to “fix” the problem was to reduce the detection zone to a very limited area , about 5% of the actual view.

Im still getting motion detection at night with motor vehicles lights triggering motion detection

Its about time Wyze gave me a refund on cam plus and this useless camera out of principle


Same here. Just had a guy walk on my driveway to tape a flyer on my garage, and detection did not go off on 1 of my cameras (motion or person). I am suggesting a fix to what I believe many will agree with. if a car goes by, or a shadow set off camera for whatever reason, and moments later a person walks by, I do not get a notification due to the 5 minute rule. person detection needs to overide this flaw. Same goes for, if my landscapers set person detection off @ 11:01 lets say, then at 11:03 it needs to go off again. Cars headlights at night is the other huge issue that is not properly triggering person detection either. So A cars headlights will set it off, then i could easily go out and wave to the camera, and it will not go off. Huge Flaw


Wyze reminds me of cheap Chinese knock off products.
I purchased their products based purely on the reviews, deeply regret it now.


All false motion triggered events tonight

I’m getting motion notifications when I already have that area blacked out!


Yesterday, before the update, everything was fine. Now I have 9 outdoor facing cameras that alert every five minutes regardless of any settings.

I dread Wyze updates.

On the other hand, Wyze can now control your sprinklers. Is that a cause of celebration or another in what has become a long-line of useless products plagued with problems, while camera software is worse today than yesterday?

Wyze seems to be taking a trip down the product cesspool.


Only a matter of time before none of their products work. as a result of all the event uploads

Total server meltdown ,

server outages has already become a standard feature you get free with Wyze


Normally, I delete all alerts twice a day. Now I’m not deleting anything to see how their servers react.

Have slow third-graders taken over testing updates before releasing them to Wyze camera owners? Is Ralph Wiggum from the Simpsons in charge of quality control?


Same exact issue here. I’ve tried multiple configurations and there’s no way around getting the detection zone excluded.

  • Restart the device for the first time, the detection zone is reset to OFF.
  • Reconfigure detection zone and restart again.
  • Still notifying but detection zone/settings remain ON.
    (Tried from both Android and iOS)

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Same here, too many false alerts today. I had updated the firmware last night and the App ws upgraded few minutes ago.

Bringing the detection level low is missing out on actual alerts!


I thought it was just me, but I think we have a problem here! I love the new detecting zone configurator, but if it means missing events, or constantly recording motion, I think I will go back to the old detecting zone setup.


Can we even go back?

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Not verify easily unfortunately.


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I’m having the same problem, everywhere that’s blacked out I get triggers and everything you see clearly have none. It’s almost like it’s backwards and you have to black out what zones you want to focus on.:man_shrugging:


Explanation here:

This may or may not be permanent, so I’d suggest changing and experimenting with the sensitivity settings.


Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of “exclusion” zones? If it’s still detecting and triggering within that exclusion zone?

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Is there a way to roll back the firmware update?
I just walked around in front of my camera and no triggers, but the bushes in the exclusion areas are triggering no problem.
So my property is safe from vegetation👍
I think it’s time to start looking at proper cameras.:man_shrugging: